Monday, September 8, 2014

Polka Dot Skirt

I've got a quick, no-sew refashion for you today. It can be repeated on any number of jersey (t-shirt fabric) skirts that may not fit, or you simply don't like as a skirt and want to change up somehow. That's where this skirt falls in. I grabbed it in a bag sale, knowing that I would hate it as a skirt. And I was right...of course ;)! There is something about this type of asymmetric hemline that I'm not a fan of...hi-low skirts are fine but not this. So, I had to come up with some way of making it into a piece that I'd wear. My initial thought was to turn it upside down and turn it into a top. Would have been simple: sew a couple of sections together at the hem on either side to make shoulders and leave the middle open for my head. And I'll do that with a skirt, eventually, but I was feeling unmotivated to sew...even that tiny little bit. :-/

Upon laying it out I noticed the uniformity of the design and it started looking like a top without having to flip it upside down...

But what would I do about the, waistline? Tighten it up and secure it with a vintage button (for example) or leave it loose. Well, I'd decided on loose and thought I'd simply cut a small opening in the waistband and cut the elastic out. But it was serged all the way around, so I ended up simply cutting away the waistband altogether!

No need to worry about waste, as this waistband will be used in a future project :).

And that was really it! For now I've decided to leave the neckline loose and unfinished. The fabric rolls back on itself, doesn't need to be hemmed, and allows for a wider neckline for over-the-shoulder wear. I threw it on with my favorite uniform of boyfriend jeans and an oversized t-shirt (both thrifted, of course) and snapped a few pics for your viewing pleasure.

A simple, comfy poncho made of a thrifted jersey skirt. I can totally see adding detail to the neckline by cutting slits intermittently and weaving ribbon through and tying it in a bow at the shoulder or front. Or I may grab a vintage brooch and use that to close up the neckline a bit. Lots of ways to customize this if you're working with a solid fabric, but with all of those polka dots, I won't be getting too crazy with any further embellishments.

Oh, and now I like the asymmetric shape! Hope you like this one...I'm looking forward to throwing this on as a coverup over a date night outfit as the weather is finally cooling down here in New Jersey :). Happy Refashioning!



  1. Nice! Like how the fabric falls on your shoulders.

  2. I LOVE this idea.... Soooooo cute..,

    1. Thank you so much, Charlotte! I appreciate it, and you stopping by!