Thursday, August 28, 2014

Doilies + Shoes = Perfection!

I found these green shoes at a Goodwill when home visiting in MI. I loved the color but whenever I put them on I felt like they stood out too much, and not in a good way. So, they were not getting any use. I've seen some sandals with a lace front and leather straps that got me thinking about remaking these shoes, so with the help of a gorgeous thrifted doily, I got to work!
First, I wasn't sure which to use, but once I decided, it was a matter of choosing the best layout, hand stitching the doily in place...
and trimming off the excess!
I trimmed them a little closer, then stitched some bias binding along the bottom edge to secure the doily and give a more finished look. Oh, and I trimmed off the lil bits sticking out, too.

Well, this got me thinking of another pair of similar shoes that could use a facelift. I grabbed two of these four doilies I'd thrifted (they were more stiff), fabric glue (the strong stuff) and got to work!
The main issue was the backs that'd gotten scuffed. First I used the glue to repair those areas...then applied the largest part of each doily to the front.
The bits I trimmed off went on the backs, which you'll see in a second ;).
Here are a few shots of each pair in action.
The backs!

I chose a vintage lace pleated slip/skirt with a white cotton slip underneath, a knotted gray T, and coral and green jewelry to style them.

I am excited to pair these with distressed denim and chambray, or leather...just for a bit of edge. Hope you love these as much as I do!!! They were so fun to do, and you could really make both pairs no-sew with a good fabric glue...just be mindful whether it dries clear or changes the color of your fabric, lace, trim, etc.

Here's the before and after of each!

I've got some more fun things lined up and will be sharing sneakpeeks on Instagram! Happy Refashioning!


Thursday, August 21, 2014

De-ruffling a Dress

***Warning: This post contains photos of exceptionally poor quality...I am sorry.***

Ok, so that being said, here's a look at a dress I thrifted last summer. I absolutely loved the bird print, the perfect fit, the front exposed zipper and pockets. I wore it a few times, but I'd have to iron down the ruffles each time. Not. Cool. So, it kept getting passed over for easier items that didn't require the extra work. Poor dress. Neglected, passed over. But it was soooo cute and definitely worth trying to save. Thankfully, it was an incredibly easy save!

See how the ruffles are closing over the exposed (no longer so exposed) zipper? Sheesh!
All I did was take out a nice small, sharp pair of scissors and got to snipping...removing the ruffle as close to the seam as possible. I then finished off the area by using an overlocking stitch. {Fray check could totally make this a no-sew project!} I don't mind the 'rough' me it looks like its meant to be that way. But I know if I ever do tire with it, I could use some vinyl/leather trim to cover it up and give the dress and slightly different look while 'cleaning it up'. {Also, one could use lace, bias tape, twill tape, ribbon, etc.}

I've worn it a couple of times already in the past two weeks. It is definitely such an easy piece to just throw on and go, now, which is how I prefer my dresses! Here's how I wore it earlier today...
Layered my coral/red, thrifted and refashioned silk button up over top along with my current fav thrifted leather bag! Black earrings and sandals finish it off :)

Hope you liked this simple fix, and that it helps you see the possibilities of easy fixes on items that may not need a complete overhaul. Sometimes a little tweaking is all it takes. Happy Refashioning!


Converse: Too Much Tongue?

So I'd bought these Converse on clearance at Marshall's around 2 years ago, and wore them once...and then they sat. That's never a good sign with shoes and especially not Converse, which are kinda my jam, when I want to throw a casual but cool element into a more girly/dressed up outfit. I also love them with boyfriend jeans and a T...or almost anytime at all, so yeah, they were grossly underused. But they had this tongue...

Now, it's kinda cool...I guess. Not so much for me, I decided. I don't want them to be so specific in what I'd be able to wear them with, the fold over tongue just isn't my thing. There is such a thing as too much tongue!

So, I chopped it off (in each shoe, of course).

And I tested out how it would look simply by layering the cutoff portion behind the remaining for me!

Here's how it would look on the back.

I determined I'd need to shorten them about an inch more so that they'd be the perfect length.

Then I zigzagged around the edges, creating new, shorter tongues.

And now, they are just right :) I've actually been looking out for another pair of gray Converse to thrift or buy on clearance, but then thought, really? This is such an easy fix!!! Glad I came to my senses ;)

They still have the little snap button on the sides, which will stay as they are. And I haven't moved the label from the inside of the tongues, but I'll have to (as they scratch my feet a bit).

I can totally see this as a no-sew project if you've got a good fabric glue and fray check, too. Canvas shoes offer a lot of possibilities in the way of refashions: paint, markers, cutting away, blinging up, dyeing, bleaching...whatever you can dream up! Thanks for stopping by and Happy Refashioning!


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Quick 'Fix': No-Sew Skirt

This post will be just as short and sweet as the refashion...time for a quick fix! Here's a look at the before, after, and wearing it out and about for a day in the city (NYC) with my boy.

Not a bad piece to start...a bit trendy, and definitely not long enough as a dress for me, but then I don't often wear strapless...

So, I cut off the top! That's it!

And it only cost me $.27 in the bag sale at the end of last month :). Good deal for me! I wore it with a thrifted silk tank top, a thrifted leather bag, and a mix of thrifted/gifted and store bought accessories. Happy Refashioning!