Thursday, October 29, 2015

// #thriftstylethursday // Thrifted Halloween

I have been having trouble getting into a rhythm with creating and blogging since moving out to Oregon...did I mention we moved from Jersey to Oregon? Yeah, major adjustments taking place and I do not take change well! However, since I chose this week's Thrift Style Thursday theme, I figured I should partake. So, here are a couple of easy costumes I put together right out of my closet, with only a little DIY involved!

This first look is based on the Free People dress I thrifted a couple of weeks ago. I shared about it on Instagram, but never got around to taking a pic until I started putting this costume together and figured it was the perfect start. 

It's black and lacy and the hemline lends itself to the look, I think. A pair of fleece lined purple tights, black boots from Thredup, and a witch's hat are the basics that bring it all together!

Here's where the DIY comes into play:

I do not actually own a witch's hat, so I took some poster board-like junk mail (it was a huge sales ad from a local car dealer), created a cone which I then covered with black fabric harvested from an Urban Outfitters reusable bag. Slides right onto this wide-brimmed felt hat I picked up last year. These bags have come in handy for library books, wrapping shoes in when packing for a trip, and more recently on my bat wall!

Nothing like a thrifted silk scarf in a bright color to finish it off! I'd totally add make-up and other bits to get a more witchy look, but even this totally works for a last minute party invite.

This next one is another super easy costume you can (most likely) put together from your own thrifted wardrobe. I started with the basics: black bottoms (thrifted leggings), and a striped T (thrifted and refashioned). Then, I added the black skull cap (thrifted), a bag of $$ (thanks to my local grocery store and a permanent marker), and I'm on the run as a robber! So, so easy, guys. Seriously.

You're ready to take off with all the kids' Halloween loot, and you'll look cute doing it! I totally think a red lip would set this off nicely ;)

And if you fancy a small amount of DIY (beyond your money bag), you can also craft a quick mask as well! I had a bit of elastic and scraps of that black reusable bag from the hat to make this up quick! Totally just stapled the elastic on, but you could use glue, or a couple of quick stitches. Easy peasy (and you can totally make yours look better than mine ;) ).

Now, I've been informed that I'll be a playing the part of ninja along side my son for trick-or-treating, so apparently I need to tackle one more easy costume straight from my thrifted closet! I'll let you know how that goes...

Go see if any of the other ladies were able to meet the challenge of thrifted costumes...I'll give you a hint that Kristi of Delightfully Kristi has put together one seriously epic look!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

// #thriftstylethursday // Bonfires & S'mores

Oh how I wish I were going to a bonfire tonight...or any night! S'mores are the only way I eat marshmallows and boy do they sound good. Beth of The Beth Next Door invited us all to a virtual bonfire, however, and asked what we'd be wearing. I pulled together some recently thrifted pieces for a comfy, casual, but totally cute look for a get together. 

I started with this gray and white polka dot top that I got from ThredUp with some credit I'd accrued from clothes I sent in. It's easy, oversized, and gray...perfect. The olive pants are a long-time resident on my 'thrifting list' and I finally found them! Obviously ;) They fit great and don't require any alterations, which makes them almost perfect. I just wish they had cargo pockets and zips...maybe I'll keep that on my list.

The moccasins are a much older score (maybe 5 years old?) and I picked them up on a visit home when my sis and I went thrifting (as we ALWAYS do).

Now, the star of today's outfit is this mustard Sparrow cardigan from Anthropologie. I thrifted it a couple of weeks ago, Instagrammed it yesterday, and yes am wearing it again today for this look! It's the perfect piece to throw on to cozy up next to a blazing fire on a chilly night.

Throw in my typical side braid (best friend to the gal who doesn't want to do anything with her hair), and you are ready to go...

Well, minus a few graham crackers, bars of chocolate and bags of marshmallows :)

Now go see what the other ladies will be wearing!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

// #thriftstylethursday // It's My Party

This week I am back on track with Thrift Style Thursday! Carissa of Carissa Knits is hosting and guess what!?! It's her birthday (so be sure to pop over if only to say hi! and to check out her look) so we're all wearing something we'd wear to her party! If only we were within a reasonable distance to attend said party... ;)

I decided I'd pull out a couple of pieces scored within the past two months but never yet worn...these Pilcro flares from Anthropologie that I picked up for under $20!!!!! ( I know right?!?!) and this pretty sheer blouse that I found while in Michigan for $3.50. 

Now I've been wanting to wear these jeans from the moment I got them, but I actually need to hem them a smidge so I can wear them with my favorite thrifted boots. However, these pale gold thrifted heels are just high enough, and if I'm going to a party, the heels are coming out.

To add a little more bling, I wore my favorite thrifted necklace with reversible pendant, and a bangle from my grandma's collection.

 Here's a closer look at the entire look...

plus all the pretty details!

Hop on over to see what all the other ladies are wearing and remember to wish Carissa a Happy Happy Birthday!