Thursday, November 13, 2014

ThriftStyleThursday: Hats...and catching up on Halloween!

Ok, so granted it's been a couple of weeks, but after I show you this week's thrift style theme I'll catch up on a thrifted costume I'd put together and never got to posting for Halloween :) First off, I kinda slacked on this week's theme, though I had the perfect piece to share, then couldn't locate I just gave up on it, threw on something else and snapped a couple of selfies by our building's mailboxes. Yep. Next week will be better, I promise!

I was going for a no-makeup, red-nosed, chilly day kind of look ;) It was pretty cold today, and this ear warmer/headband was the perfect piece that still allowed me to wear my hair up...yet again. I thrifted it last year as I loved that it was a wool knit lined with fleece. It actually was a hat, then I chopped off the top to make it into a headband instead as I needed a nice warm one to wear when running in the winter. And it works really well! Unfortunately I'm wearing it upside down...not that that matters too much.

The remainder of my outfit was actually all thrifted, minus my boots. This wool coat was a great find at a Manhattan Salvation Army, my t-shirt, super-warm cardigan, and jeans were all thrifted here in New Jersey.

Ok, now for the Halloween costume...which I didn't get pictures of me wearing, but I'd put together pics of the flat lay beforehand with a couple of variations.

First, I made myself a simple witch's hat out of black card stock (actually a file folder!) and some ribbon. I attached a long length of ribbon underneath to tie it under my chin. It's mini and more like a fascinator hat.

This first look is the one I like the best, mostly because it incorporates a striped silk blouse that I love and purple fleece-lined tights. Essentially, I hope that you'll see how different pieces from your wardrobe can be mixed and matched to create a simple but cute diy costume! And not just a witch, but so many other possibilities exist get planning for next year ;).

Everything here except for the hat and tights were thrifted: on the left is a velvet cape I picked up for $2, my striped blouse, a pair of black booties, a pleated black skirt (scored at Housing Works on the West Side of Central Park) and a polka dot ribbon as belt (salvaged from a gift).

This second look is even simpler, and even more versatile depending on the 'prop' you include: a thrifted vintage dress (the bottom I recovered as there were a few holes), high-heeled tall black boots, and the witch's hat finish this look off!

And following the black theme, here's another sweet option: a thrifted empire waist black dress, polka dot ribbon as belt, witch's hat, and either black peep toe heels or sparkly black flats!

Color can be added in the form of tights (patterns, too!), fingerless gloves, belts, etc. One thing I would have loved to include in my costume this year is this incredible felt spiderweb cape I came across on Pinterest (I linked you directly to the blog post at Delia Creates)'s on the list for next year ;).

Anywho, Halloween being over, I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving, my two loves' birthdays, and hopefully a chance to relax after it all! I've got things I need to photograph and post for you all, so keep an eye out for that over the weekend!

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Interview Outfit

So, if I've not shared this before, I'm a stay-at-home mom and haven't held a 'job' in over 6 years. I've been applying on and off over the past couple of years, mostly to part-time entry-level service positions. I've not once got an interview, though I could have put more effort in. Well, I finally got a positive response on a seasonal sales position that I'd applied for at a store four blocks from where I live! I went for the interview today, and they let me know they wanted me to work there at the end of it. Yay for me! I was ridiculously nervous, but then I'm afraid of many things ;). I did have a lot of fun, however, putting together an outfit for the interview (and the interview wasn't bad at all!). 

I chose a thrifted look, but also a look that I think is creative and stylish! I chose this thrifted/refashioned homemade dress, a thrifted cropped cardigan worn over the top, thrifted bangles in black and gold, and thrifted booties. The tights and earrings were not thrifted. All told, this look cost around $25. The cheapest piece? Those booties at a whopping $2!

I love to twirl in this dress! And I'm loving this piece for fall, layered with cardigans, tights, boots, and soon, scarves. We had a warmer day, so this look didn't require an extra jacket.

My favorite gold bangles...I think I choose them over any other piece when I want a little sparkle while keeping it minimalist. The black one I bought, put it in my purse, then forgot about it for several weeks! May need to clean my purse out more often...

Here's to getting back into the workforce (though I feel I'm just dipping my toes in the water), and getting to wear clothes that normally hang sadly in my closet!

Oh, and lots of work looks to come! :)


Friday, November 7, 2014

Quick 'Fix' Friday: Cleaning Thrifted Shoes

I LOVE THRIFTING!!! I am also notorious for stating the obvious;). Thrifting is like a great treasure hunt that requires time, effort, and a love of sifting through every.single.item. in order to find the gems. That's right up my alley! I guess the not-so-glamorous side of thrifting is cleaning and disinfecting the items you decide to bring home...yes, I called thrifting glamorous ;). Take, for example, these very dirty, but oh-so-comfortable, black leather boots. Combat style, and made in Canada! Hey Canada :). These were in desperate need of a good cleaning, but for $2 I knew that I'd be up for the challenge. 

I grabbed my supplies first:

  • dirty boots
  • saddle soap
  • soft cloth/towel
First, it's a good idea to brush off any bits of dirt or dust that'll come off easily. Then, remove your laces. {I did a quick rub on the front of my boot before removing my laces just to give you an idea of how dirty these really were.} Next, dampen your cloth and rub across the saddle soap to work up a bit of lather (not suds, but essentially you're working it into your cloth). Then have at it! Rub all over your leather boots/shoes making sure to reach all of the creases and cracks. Once you've given them a good rub, you can find a clean spot on your cloth and wipe away any excess soap while buffing your shoes for a bit of shine/luster.

Here's a look at mine after the cleaning...dirty rag and all! The leather came out so pretty and is super soft/pliable (I told you they were uber comfortable). Ready for wear!

And the obligatory side-by-side shot ;). Much better.

To disinfect them, I used a pretty basic method: mixing a bit of water with hydrogen peroxide and spraying the insides. I then let them air out and dry completely. Some people prefer to use a mixture of bleach and water (just be careful not to get this on the outside of the shoes), or Lysol disinfectant, or putting them in the freezer for 24 hours to kill the germs. Pick your poison...just make sure you do it! Now, as is true with this next pair of shoes, replacing/using insoles can also go a long way in removing any unwanted germs. The boots' insoles needed to replaced and thankfully I scored 3 sets at the thrift store brand new! Granted, they were brand new in the package circa 1995, but hey, they work like a charm ;). 

I found these Minnetonka moccasins at a community swap (free!) two days after almost buying a pair exactly like this (but new) at Urban Outfitters for $20. For reals. They were similarly in need of a new insole after going through the disinfecting process. But I also felt they could benefit from a little makeover as well. 

I'm not a big fan of fringe. First, I shortened the ties to get rid of the nasty dirty bits. Then I trimmed straight across the fringe to even it out. Hmmm, not sold.

So, then I gave them another trim with a rounded 'peter-pan collar' inspired look. I tried tying the ties a couple of different ways. Which do you prefer?

Now, those free mocs are soooo much better! And with the new insoles, they are even more comfy to wear. I have to say, I am not completely sold on this after look and may mess around with these a bit more...paint, maybe? We'll see :).

So, the next time you bring a pair of thrifted shoes home, you know how to disinfect and clean them up! This quick 'fix' takes only a few minutes and can really make a huge difference to your feet :).

Happy Refashioning!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

ThriftStyleThursday: Scarves

Just a quick post today with my outfit for Thrift Style Thursday featuring my favorite fall accessory...scarves!

It's a rainy day, so of course I'm wearing my floral rain boots (DSW 3 years back), and to go along with it a thrifted t-shirt, thrifted oversized cardigan, my free trench (traded with a friend), my favorite thrifted purse, and my newly thrifted $3 scarf/cowl!

It's kinda perfect...cozy and soft, striped, and with the bits of pink and chartreuse it matches not only my floral rain boots, but also my chartreuse wool coat that I'll be wearing soon as the temperatures are starting to drop (also thrifted).

didn't crop out my nose cause I thought it was funny ;)
Here's to hoping I get back on track with sewing, refashioning and posting sometime soon! Go check out the other's that have posted their outfits over at Thrift Style Thursday! Thanks for stopping by...