Thursday, November 13, 2014

ThriftStyleThursday: Hats...and catching up on Halloween!

Ok, so granted it's been a couple of weeks, but after I show you this week's thrift style theme I'll catch up on a thrifted costume I'd put together and never got to posting for Halloween :) First off, I kinda slacked on this week's theme, though I had the perfect piece to share, then couldn't locate I just gave up on it, threw on something else and snapped a couple of selfies by our building's mailboxes. Yep. Next week will be better, I promise!

I was going for a no-makeup, red-nosed, chilly day kind of look ;) It was pretty cold today, and this ear warmer/headband was the perfect piece that still allowed me to wear my hair up...yet again. I thrifted it last year as I loved that it was a wool knit lined with fleece. It actually was a hat, then I chopped off the top to make it into a headband instead as I needed a nice warm one to wear when running in the winter. And it works really well! Unfortunately I'm wearing it upside down...not that that matters too much.

The remainder of my outfit was actually all thrifted, minus my boots. This wool coat was a great find at a Manhattan Salvation Army, my t-shirt, super-warm cardigan, and jeans were all thrifted here in New Jersey.

Ok, now for the Halloween costume...which I didn't get pictures of me wearing, but I'd put together pics of the flat lay beforehand with a couple of variations.

First, I made myself a simple witch's hat out of black card stock (actually a file folder!) and some ribbon. I attached a long length of ribbon underneath to tie it under my chin. It's mini and more like a fascinator hat.

This first look is the one I like the best, mostly because it incorporates a striped silk blouse that I love and purple fleece-lined tights. Essentially, I hope that you'll see how different pieces from your wardrobe can be mixed and matched to create a simple but cute diy costume! And not just a witch, but so many other possibilities exist get planning for next year ;).

Everything here except for the hat and tights were thrifted: on the left is a velvet cape I picked up for $2, my striped blouse, a pair of black booties, a pleated black skirt (scored at Housing Works on the West Side of Central Park) and a polka dot ribbon as belt (salvaged from a gift).

This second look is even simpler, and even more versatile depending on the 'prop' you include: a thrifted vintage dress (the bottom I recovered as there were a few holes), high-heeled tall black boots, and the witch's hat finish this look off!

And following the black theme, here's another sweet option: a thrifted empire waist black dress, polka dot ribbon as belt, witch's hat, and either black peep toe heels or sparkly black flats!

Color can be added in the form of tights (patterns, too!), fingerless gloves, belts, etc. One thing I would have loved to include in my costume this year is this incredible felt spiderweb cape I came across on Pinterest (I linked you directly to the blog post at Delia Creates)'s on the list for next year ;).

Anywho, Halloween being over, I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving, my two loves' birthdays, and hopefully a chance to relax after it all! I've got things I need to photograph and post for you all, so keep an eye out for that over the weekend!

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  1. So smart to turn a hat into a headband!

  2. I love your ear warmer headband! I so want to make a couple for running because my ears always get cold and start to ache!! Also, your Halloween costumes - each one is cuter than the next! :)

    1. Ear warmers are totally the way to go when running...hats hold in too much heat, but the warmers hold in just enough! I've made a couple with t-shirt fabric for the earlier cool days, then these fleece-lined ones for super cold days :)

  3. I love your costumes - and that second one where you've covered the bottom of the dress, what a brilliant solution. Never would have thought of that!