Thursday, November 6, 2014

ThriftStyleThursday: Scarves

Just a quick post today with my outfit for Thrift Style Thursday featuring my favorite fall accessory...scarves!

It's a rainy day, so of course I'm wearing my floral rain boots (DSW 3 years back), and to go along with it a thrifted t-shirt, thrifted oversized cardigan, my free trench (traded with a friend), my favorite thrifted purse, and my newly thrifted $3 scarf/cowl!

It's kinda perfect...cozy and soft, striped, and with the bits of pink and chartreuse it matches not only my floral rain boots, but also my chartreuse wool coat that I'll be wearing soon as the temperatures are starting to drop (also thrifted).

didn't crop out my nose cause I thought it was funny ;)
Here's to hoping I get back on track with sewing, refashioning and posting sometime soon! Go check out the other's that have posted their outfits over at Thrift Style Thursday! Thanks for stopping by...



  1. You're an upsidedown foo/phoo! The face and hands peeping over the edge character)! Love your boots! Looking very stylish in your secondhand gear. My favourite items are jackets and scarves! I could live in scarves! xo JJ

    1. I have to know who that character is!!! I'll look it up :) My boots are my way of making rainy days happy and bright! Thanks for the love JJ!

  2. Super pretty scarf! I love the colors - it looks so warm and cozy too!

  3. That is a beautiful scarf! What a great find! :)

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