Tuesday, August 9, 2016

// thredUP //

As I struggle to get back into some sort of order after yet another cross-country move, I was presented with an opportunity to share a bit about a service that I use and in the process pass along some savings to you! I started sending my unwanted brand clothing to thredUP a couple of years ago in an effort to get a little credit for them to use on their site. I wasn't moving on trying to sell the items myself, and I didn't want to simply donate some of the things I knew could make me a little money, so it was a win-win situation for me to just bundle everything into a big bag and send it off!

And that is exactly how easy it is. You "order" a clean out bag (free) and decide if you want to take a payout or put your items on consignment. The first will get you your money quicker; the second will possibly earn you more but over a longer period of time. I go for the first. Now, to be completely honest, there were a couple of bags that I sent that didn't get me much credit. Like less than $10. Meh. Others have earned me closer to $50. Much of that depends on the brands, the condition of the clothing, and resale potential. You have a choice of getting the funds sent to you or using them as credit, and I always use it as credit. The reason behind this is that the prices on thredUP are not your typical thrift store prices. They run along the lines of consignment, which tend to be higher. So, I look for those hard-to-find pieces that seem to elude me at the thrift stores. I pay a little more, but I've found some really great items that are in like-new or new-with-tags condition, and ticked off those items from my mental "to-thrift" list.

Here's what I chose this last time when given the chance to shop specific brands in exchange for a bit of credit:

To start, I love the packaging. Fairly minimal and perfect for reuse! I chose a cropped black top by Express with a beautiful lace detail on the front, a black and white/gray knit poncho also by Express, and a pair of Gap mid-rise skinnies.

As you can see, the black top still had its original tags! That's always fun. Now, I don't tend to shop by brands, but I do look for quality, and I felt that each of these pieces was not only in like-new condition but with the proper care, would last me a long time. The poncho will be perfect for my first winter back in Michigan, the jeans are just a great basic to have, and the crop is something fun and different to try out in a color that is totally safe ;).  Here's a look at how I styled each piece:

Ok, just need to pause here to say that I don't normally include such obvious shots of my rear, but I was proud of how it looks in these jeans ;), even if they are a bit snug! And did I mention that I also got these booties from thredUP? Franco Sarto, dark charcoal leather and with a heel low enough to manage...love them!

Experimenting with a pleated silk skirt I thrifted for $4 over 2 years ago and STILL haven't worn! I love the top with this thrifted blue midi skirt also.

I couldn't find anything else I loved with this top (besides skirts) and it got me thinking of a dress I thrifted last year in Oregon that I am wanting to turn into a skirt...wouldn't it be AMAZING with this crop?!?!

Even if you don't decide to turn in any of your unwanted clothing, you can still find some super great deals today! Just use the code GAP50 to get 50% off your first-time purchases of Gap items! I won't earn extra credit for what you buy, so this is all for you. :)

My opinions are all my own, and I'll just reiterate, I love thredUP for finding those hard-to-find items: shopping online allows me to check whenever and search for specific items instead of counting on getting lucky on one of my thrifting trips.

Feels good to be posting and hope to make it a regular thing again. Getting my sewing space set up and though I've whittled down my refashion pile, I still have many good things to choose from. Here's to the next post being a refashion one!


Friday, April 22, 2016

Earth Day Thrift Swap

It started with a text and a link to a YouTube video. (Terra, I apologize now if you only end up liking the accessories.) My friend Terra, TheReuser on FB and @reuserterra on Instagram, asked if I'd like to do a thrift swap in honor of Earth Day and all things ecofashion. Of course, I said yes, because any excuse to thrift is a good excuse. I started immediately. But it was hard. Knowing how clothes will fit is one major thing, and getting someone's style right is the other. I questioned and went back and forth again and again before wrapping up her items and sending them in the mail. Done! Here's a peek at some of what I chose for her:

But I know she likes them because I sent her the same pic and she said yes! The clothes? We shall see. 

The flip side of this is when my box arrived and wondering if I'd like what she picked for me. I made a gif of the process and a video showing everything off... It was really cool. But you won't be seeing those here because the mobile version of Blogger won't let me upload them. (My laptop charger died, too, so really few options here.) And I'm not tech savvy enough to do it any other way. Meh. So, pictures will do. Here's the box she used (Reuser reused an Amazon box!)

As exciting as that is, the stuff inside is better 😉. 

A red Gap dress! I'll need to take the top in, but otherwise, perfect.

A Banana Republic top. Such pretty colors, and I'm sure I can work this into my wardrobe.

This gray/blue tank top is so soft and perfect for my casual style!

The same is true of this taupe skirt!

And this tie-front cobalt blue top! So easy and I love the color.

This green pattern is so good but the top is snug on my tummy. Perfect for a little makeover.

This vintage style bangle is the perfect addition to my other thrifted baubles and I can't wait to wear it!

And this sweet little dish is the perfect place to put my bangle when I take it off! 

Thank you, Terra, for doing such a good job! It was such a treat to thrift for someone else and has taught me I have a lot to learn about it 😉. 

Thrifting can be such an easy way to honor and sustain our earth by giving discarded items a much longer lifespan and keeping them out of the dump. Won't you try it? And if you already do, join up with friends online or nearby to do a similar swap and test your skills as a stylist 🙂. It's fun. I promise!

**Now, I wish I could link up to Terra in this mobile version, but that's also eluding me, so once I get my laptop back I'll update this post.**