Friday, April 22, 2016

Earth Day Thrift Swap

It started with a text and a link to a YouTube video. (Terra, I apologize now if you only end up liking the accessories.) My friend Terra, TheReuser on FB and @reuserterra on Instagram, asked if I'd like to do a thrift swap in honor of Earth Day and all things ecofashion. Of course, I said yes, because any excuse to thrift is a good excuse. I started immediately. But it was hard. Knowing how clothes will fit is one major thing, and getting someone's style right is the other. I questioned and went back and forth again and again before wrapping up her items and sending them in the mail. Done! Here's a peek at some of what I chose for her:

But I know she likes them because I sent her the same pic and she said yes! The clothes? We shall see. 

The flip side of this is when my box arrived and wondering if I'd like what she picked for me. I made a gif of the process and a video showing everything off... It was really cool. But you won't be seeing those here because the mobile version of Blogger won't let me upload them. (My laptop charger died, too, so really few options here.) And I'm not tech savvy enough to do it any other way. Meh. So, pictures will do. Here's the box she used (Reuser reused an Amazon box!)

As exciting as that is, the stuff inside is better 😉. 

A red Gap dress! I'll need to take the top in, but otherwise, perfect.

A Banana Republic top. Such pretty colors, and I'm sure I can work this into my wardrobe.

This gray/blue tank top is so soft and perfect for my casual style!

The same is true of this taupe skirt!

And this tie-front cobalt blue top! So easy and I love the color.

This green pattern is so good but the top is snug on my tummy. Perfect for a little makeover.

This vintage style bangle is the perfect addition to my other thrifted baubles and I can't wait to wear it!

And this sweet little dish is the perfect place to put my bangle when I take it off! 

Thank you, Terra, for doing such a good job! It was such a treat to thrift for someone else and has taught me I have a lot to learn about it 😉. 

Thrifting can be such an easy way to honor and sustain our earth by giving discarded items a much longer lifespan and keeping them out of the dump. Won't you try it? And if you already do, join up with friends online or nearby to do a similar swap and test your skills as a stylist 🙂. It's fun. I promise!

**Now, I wish I could link up to Terra in this mobile version, but that's also eluding me, so once I get my laptop back I'll update this post.**



  1. Ooh! You scored big time!
    What a great idea. I'm heading off to the secondhand store today.
    I have a wedding in the family soon...can I find anything to wear that is secondhand? Also looking for Mother's Day presents. You can totally gift a good secondhand item.
    Yay to you for your thrifting and revamping committment. Will look forward to pics of you in these clothes :-)
    xo Jazzy Jack

  2. Wonderful to see another post from you! Looking forward to more!

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