Thursday, October 29, 2015

// #thriftstylethursday // Thrifted Halloween

I have been having trouble getting into a rhythm with creating and blogging since moving out to Oregon...did I mention we moved from Jersey to Oregon? Yeah, major adjustments taking place and I do not take change well! However, since I chose this week's Thrift Style Thursday theme, I figured I should partake. So, here are a couple of easy costumes I put together right out of my closet, with only a little DIY involved!

This first look is based on the Free People dress I thrifted a couple of weeks ago. I shared about it on Instagram, but never got around to taking a pic until I started putting this costume together and figured it was the perfect start. 

It's black and lacy and the hemline lends itself to the look, I think. A pair of fleece lined purple tights, black boots from Thredup, and a witch's hat are the basics that bring it all together!

Here's where the DIY comes into play:

I do not actually own a witch's hat, so I took some poster board-like junk mail (it was a huge sales ad from a local car dealer), created a cone which I then covered with black fabric harvested from an Urban Outfitters reusable bag. Slides right onto this wide-brimmed felt hat I picked up last year. These bags have come in handy for library books, wrapping shoes in when packing for a trip, and more recently on my bat wall!

Nothing like a thrifted silk scarf in a bright color to finish it off! I'd totally add make-up and other bits to get a more witchy look, but even this totally works for a last minute party invite.

This next one is another super easy costume you can (most likely) put together from your own thrifted wardrobe. I started with the basics: black bottoms (thrifted leggings), and a striped T (thrifted and refashioned). Then, I added the black skull cap (thrifted), a bag of $$ (thanks to my local grocery store and a permanent marker), and I'm on the run as a robber! So, so easy, guys. Seriously.

You're ready to take off with all the kids' Halloween loot, and you'll look cute doing it! I totally think a red lip would set this off nicely ;)

And if you fancy a small amount of DIY (beyond your money bag), you can also craft a quick mask as well! I had a bit of elastic and scraps of that black reusable bag from the hat to make this up quick! Totally just stapled the elastic on, but you could use glue, or a couple of quick stitches. Easy peasy (and you can totally make yours look better than mine ;) ).

Now, I've been informed that I'll be a playing the part of ninja along side my son for trick-or-treating, so apparently I need to tackle one more easy costume straight from my thrifted closet! I'll let you know how that goes...

Go see if any of the other ladies were able to meet the challenge of thrifted costumes...I'll give you a hint that Kristi of Delightfully Kristi has put together one seriously epic look!


  1. Oh you've got ninja handled easy peasy!!! :o) Your Free People dress is just beautiful! The use of junk mail makes me smile, I've been known to harvest paper for projects from phone books we get in the mail.


  2. Two excellent outfits! Love the purple tights with the "witchy" dress - perfect :)

  3. Love the outfits, and bat wall!! Best of luck in your new home... x

  4. I've been meaning to tell you my sister also left your old home town in Jersey! Only to Upper Saddle River though, not several time zones away....

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