Thursday, October 15, 2015

// #thriftstylethursday // Bonfires & S'mores

Oh how I wish I were going to a bonfire tonight...or any night! S'mores are the only way I eat marshmallows and boy do they sound good. Beth of The Beth Next Door invited us all to a virtual bonfire, however, and asked what we'd be wearing. I pulled together some recently thrifted pieces for a comfy, casual, but totally cute look for a get together. 

I started with this gray and white polka dot top that I got from ThredUp with some credit I'd accrued from clothes I sent in. It's easy, oversized, and gray...perfect. The olive pants are a long-time resident on my 'thrifting list' and I finally found them! Obviously ;) They fit great and don't require any alterations, which makes them almost perfect. I just wish they had cargo pockets and zips...maybe I'll keep that on my list.

The moccasins are a much older score (maybe 5 years old?) and I picked them up on a visit home when my sis and I went thrifting (as we ALWAYS do).

Now, the star of today's outfit is this mustard Sparrow cardigan from Anthropologie. I thrifted it a couple of weeks ago, Instagrammed it yesterday, and yes am wearing it again today for this look! It's the perfect piece to throw on to cozy up next to a blazing fire on a chilly night.

Throw in my typical side braid (best friend to the gal who doesn't want to do anything with her hair), and you are ready to go...

Well, minus a few graham crackers, bars of chocolate and bags of marshmallows :)

Now go see what the other ladies will be wearing!

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