Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Quick 'Fix': No-Sew Skirt

This post will be just as short and sweet as the refashion...time for a quick fix! Here's a look at the before, after, and wearing it out and about for a day in the city (NYC) with my boy.

Not a bad piece to start...a bit trendy, and definitely not long enough as a dress for me, but then I don't often wear strapless...

So, I cut off the top! That's it!

And it only cost me $.27 in the bag sale at the end of last month :). Good deal for me! I wore it with a thrifted silk tank top, a thrifted leather bag, and a mix of thrifted/gifted and store bought accessories. Happy Refashioning!



  1. Very practical. I think you look very comfortable wearing your quick REfash.

    Karen at http://ruderecord.wordpress.com

    1. Thank you Karen, it was perfect for a day walking around the city :)