Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Month In Instagram Pics: July

We're going away for the weekend to a lake house for a friend's 40th birthday...I'll be back to blogging and refashioning come Monday, but in the meantime, I'll post pics to Instagram and Facebook. Here's a look back at this past month in Instagram pics...



  1. Gratz on your run, keep it up! I love 4 milers xx

  2. The pic with you and your son cycling caught my attention because i've never seen that type of bike. Do you have to connect it up, or was it already bought like that? Definitely a plus for keeping an eye on the little one when he's cycling!

    1. Great question, Agy! The large bike and smaller bike are separate bikes. The bar is what connects them, and can be found on Amazon...Gator something or other. It takes the place of having to buy the whole attachment which is basically the back half of a bike (and much more expensive unless you can find it used at a garage sale or something). So the bar swivels from where it attaches to mine, holds his front tire off the ground and stationary (so his handlebars don't move) and he simply pedals to help out (especially on hills, as there are many where we live in New Jersey!). It's such a cool thing for us because he's a little too afraid to cycle on his own, and because we don't own a car, this means we have more mobility to get around :)