Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Shop My Closet On Instagram

I've decided that I'll start a little shop through instagram to sell items from my thrifting forays that either no longer fit in my wardrobe (physically or style-wise) or that I've previously refashioned and no longer use. Previous refashions may not have perfect finishing details...let's be honest. They won't have perfect finishing details. And that's because many of them will be earlier projects. However, I will be pricing them accordingly ;). I've just got a couple of questions for you all that I'd like to pose.

1. What should I name my shop? @shoplittledidyouknow seems appropriate, but is it too long? I'm leaning towards this as a way to keep continuity with the blog...

2. Would you (if you follow me on instagram already, and/or here) want to see some of the items I decide to post for sale or would that be a bit of a bother? I'm thinking I don't want to overload either the blog or my current instagram account with tons of pictures of items for sale, but I'd like to maybe highlight a particularly favorite piece once a week, for example.

3. Should I open it up for international shipping (with the understanding, of course, that rates would be higher). I tend to think that if you're looking for items on the cheap (and secondhand at that), buying internationally and adding extra shipping costs kinda defeats that purpose...but I could be wrong? I guess I could leave that up to the buyers :).

Well, wish me luck! I'll be sorting items this week, photographing and hopefully will be able to launch this weekend...


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