Saturday, July 19, 2014

Patterned Shorts DIY

Today I have another post of a project where I've used a free pattern to make a really cute piece. This time it's shorts. I'd found a maternity top at the thrift store that immediately brought to mind this pattern I'd happened across and knew that I needed to snatch it up. This was one of the tops I picked up in June for $2.50, but failed to photograph.

Here's a really bad picture of the top chopped in half (sans velvet ribbon ties) and the pattern pieces. Lighting has become an issue now in my sewing area as the trees are full of leaves and the light is essentially gone :(. But I love seeing trees out my window :).

The shorts pattern can be found here at Elle Frost, a fashion blog with inspiration and diys, and if you jump over you'll see that the final product is different from my own. I'll explain why along the way ;).

The bottom border was what sold me on this top as the perfect piece to become shorts. The top had pleats in the front and the velvet ties would create definition just above a baby bump, so I used that line and the elasticized back as the point at which to cut. This leaves me with the top part to use in another refashion :). The pattern pieces (after having printed, cut out, and taped together) were laid out on the bottom piece of fabric and I used them 'loosely' as a guide when cutting out the pieces for my shorts. I didn't want to do more sewing than necessary, so I kept the side seams of the top intact and opted out of making the rounded hem and side slits that the pattern calls for. Then, all I had to sew was the front and back seam, the legs and the waistband (with elastic). Super easy! Here's how they turned out.

This is my first pair of patterned shorts and I love them! They're light and comfy for lounging around, but also for being out in the heat. I did add a little bit to the width of the pattern pieces as I knew I wanted them to fit loosely. Can't wait to make an actual copy of the original pattern with some leftovers from my stash! Hope you stop over at Elle Frost for this free pattern and more fashion inspiration :).

I think I've finally gotten my sewing bug back, so I'll be posting a few more projects this week. But summer with a little boy has us outdoors almost all day long (I'm not complaining) and very little time/energy for sewing. Hope you like and if you make your own pair, why not share it with me ;).



  1. Wow they turned out amazing, great job!


  2. Good use of border pattern, and they look really comfortable. Looser garments are cooler in the heat!

    Have fun with your little guy - they're only young for a little while :)

    1. Thank you, Jenny, we're having a blast! :)