Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Black Military Jacket

Today I've got another quick fit fix. I picked up this military style jacket from the thrift store thinking I could make it work, though it was a little big and the silver braid on the shoulders wasn't my thing.

So I hopped right in and removed it! Next I unpicked the sleeve hems and the hem of the jacket at both sides. Once I'd unpicked I took in each side from wrist to waist by about 2 inches. All I had to do to finish up was to trim the excess and restitch the hems in place!

Now I've got a fitted military style jacket that is comfy yet stylish. I paired it with my <almost> all thrifted outfit: slouchy white t-shirt, skinny jeans, boots, and ring. The earrings I bought retail a few years back...Forever 21 maybe?

Mixing metallics with my latest at-home manicure!

Just a couple of quick changes, but they made all the difference for me. This is my favorite kind of jacket/blazer because it is made with a cozy fabric that feels like I'm wearing a t-shirt or sweatshirt.

I actually started my photo shoot off with red lipstick and black on black with a camisole, but I shy away from lipstick after about 5 minutes, and then I wanted to translate this jacket into more of an everyday casual look, so I switched to the slouchy tee. If you follow me on IG <@little_didyouknow> then you've seen the pic with lipstick...if not, I'll share here as well!

Do you have any makeup that you are afraid of? For me it's lipstick and eyeliner...more fear of the unknown probably since I rarely wear either but also rarely experiment with them. It always feels like I have far too much makeup on when I do both, so the trick may be one or the other for me ;).

I also posted a preview of a refashion I'll be putting up later today or first thing's that sneak peek!

It'll be a scrap buster and I'm so loving how the mix of colors/prints/patterns turned out! So, stay tuned!!!



  1. Great job on the jacket. I know what you mean about makeup, except I just don't wear it at all due to sensitive skin (I break out and get itchy, even with hypoallergenic product)s. You look great with or without; you really have a natural beauty. Maybe use the makeup for photo shoots and special occasions?

  2. Yeah, I've been wearing make up more often now that I've got a job and want to feel put together, thankfully though, I've got some products that work well for me.