Thursday, June 25, 2015

// #thriftstylethursday // Sunshine On My Shoulders

Beth of Bethie the Boo chose the theme this week, Sunshine on My Shoulders, encouraging us to wear yellows and oranges...neither of which I wear normally ;). I have this one yellow top I thrifted and refashioned 2-3 years ago and I NEVER wear it. It's silk, but it doesn't quite sit right on me and is a little too oversized and falls too far forward...but mostly its the color. This came as a great challenge, because it brought to my attention this ill-fitting piece in my wardrobe I've been hanging onto 'just because'. Now the question is whether to fix it or pass it on.

One thing I like about the top is the button down back (previously the front). 

I don't love the scoop neckline as it doesn't lay smooth, but I do like the shape of the top overall.

I paired it with my thrifted Zara shorts, my thrifted coral espadrilles, and this thrifted leather purse I picked up yesterday.
These mint green drop earrings add another simple pop of color and are thrifted as well.
I wore this ensemble berry picking today with my son and a group of his school buddies now that summer break is in session. Lots of lovely strawberries and black raspberries found their way home with us and I'm already drooling over the strawberry rhubarb crumble and black raspberry jam I plan to make!

How do you think the other ladies did with this challenge to beat all challenges? ;) Hop on over to see how they styled yellow and/or orange! And don't forget Alison at Nouveau North Westerners :).

And how do you vote? Refashion the refashioned top? Or pass it on? Let me know...



  1. I think the color looks great on you, and then there's the silk. I say refashion it! The neckline does lay a bit weird, but I love the lace details. Of course, there's lace around the sleeves too, so if you had to lose it around the collar, it wouldn't be the end of the world. Unfortunately, it's already a pretty low scoop, so trimming the awkward neckline and refinishing it lower probably isn't an option. Lately, I've been really into marrying two pieces into one when refashioning. Maybe you could cut straight across below the collar and attach the yoke of another top? If all else fails, there's always the old cut-the-body-off-and-make-it-an-infinity-scarf trick. If the yellow is too much for you, perhaps just a pop of yellow with a silk scarf would be more fitting your style.

  2. I love it. I've always had a thing for the button up the back shirts and I've wanted to try it, but it looks great on! Only other easy suggestion for the neck scooping too low, wear a tank or cami underneath? I know it kinda misses the point in Summer, when you want to be as cool as possible.. or add a feature piece of lace to the front scoop?

  3. I totally agree, this color is great on you, and I love this outfit! The other pops of color in the shoes and earrings are perfect complements to the top - it's such a fun, sunny summer look!!

  4. You look lovely in any colour, Andrea. Keep it! (but only if YOU want to :)) I need to try a button-back shirt refashion. I'm a little worried about it being an age-appropriate thing, though. Oh well, never hurts to try!