Thursday, July 16, 2015

// #thriftstylethursday // Summer Nights

Date night doesn't happen often around here, but lately breakfast and lunch dates have been! So, when Kristi of Delightfully, Kristi challenged us to come up with a look for a date night (whether with our significant others or with the girls) I wanted to cover a more casual day look that would also translate to night as well...if such an event should happen anytime soon!

So, I decided to dive into my refashion stash since I had just the dress in mind for today's challenge. No before shots as it wasn't a major transformation, I simply took in the sides a bit to make it more fitted as it was about a size too big for me. Its a handmade dress I found at my local thrift store and I absolutely love the little gold diamond print on the basic black background.

For daytime, I decided on my denim jacket (not thrifted: Pilcro from Anthropologie) as it is a cooler day for us today. I picked out thrifted earrings and bangles, and an old pair of Payless flat sandals. Threw my hair in a topknot and if I get a little too warm, I can just take off the jacket and tie it at the waist!

For night, I added a yard sale multi-strand necklace, and switched out my flats for a pair of awesome thrifted wedges. The pattern on the wedge is pretty rad, and the black patent dresses things up just enough. Again, as the evening cools, the jacket goes back on!

Isn't the pattern on the dress just the cutest!?! So glad I decided to pull it out and tackle this easy fix. It took me under 30 minutes and now I've got a super versatile dress to add into my wardrobe (which after some drastic cuts is still abundant ;) lol).

What have the other ladies come up with, you ask? Well, click on their photos to find out! What thrifted look would you come up with for a date night?



  1. I'm pretty sure that dress and that necklace were made for one another. Perfect combo! I love how just swapping out shoes and adding jewelry gives it such a different feel. Great outfit!

  2. The print on the dress really is adorable, from afar it just looked like polka dots! Love both looks!

    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  3. The changes really made a difference! Well done, and so cute!

  4. I love to see how you take the same dress and jacket and change it for both day and evening wear.

  5. I love, love, LOVE this look and absolutely adore that dress on you! I also love how you took the look from day to night with a few simple adjustments! I would totally wear something like this to go out with friends or the boyfriend!! Great look! :)