Tuesday, August 11, 2015


I've been MIA around here for quite some time, and posting will continue to be spotty. We are going through a major move and that means everything is packed away and I'm doing little/no sewing or creating. I'm still doing some outfit posts over on my Instagram account @little_didyouknow if you'd like to follow along! I hope you are well, I promise I'll be back, but it may not be for another month. I'll check in now and then with a quick post just to say hello 😊. I guess the only updates I can give is that I'm taking part in @houseofpinheiro's #sewphotohop challenge this month on Instagram, and I hope to sew along with @portialawrie's The Refashioners 2015 Get Shirty challenge! We shall see...



  1. Glad to see you surface! (I'm sure you've probably been around on other media, but I only see what's on your blog)

    Good luck with the move - it's such upheaval, isn't it?! Looking forward to Portia's challenge as well.

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