Sunday, October 12, 2014

Blue & White Floral

I posted this pic on Instagram showing a piece I'd picked up in Michigan, posing the question, "What would you do?"

A fellow refashionista, ChiChi, (aka @itschichibaby on Instagram) suggested cap sleeves. Another, Carissa, suggested mixing it with a chambray (totally love this idea!!!). I decided to start by removing the sleeves.

I then put it on inside out, pinned it to take in the sides a bit tapering out towards the bottom. After running each side through the machine (and trimming off the excess) I tried it back on and used pins to mark the waistline.

I laid it out and cut straight across.

Then, I sewed elastic to the bottom of the top half, creating a gathered waist. Next, I attached the bottom half, gathering it as well. I did this by simply stretching the elastic as I zigzagged around.

Once the waist was complete, I took my sleeves and started playing around with them to see how short I wanted to go. I definitely wanted to do a cap sleeve.

I repinned the sleeves right sides together, and zigzagged them in place. I trimmed off the excess and tried it on, but I'd left one sleeve a bit longer than the other and had to redo it ;). They aren't quite a cap sleeve, but give a similar effect. Though, I may remove the sleeves and redo them at some point. Either way, I love the outcome! I fell in love with the print, and now I love it even more :).

Here's an idea of how I'd style it while out and about...but you'll have to imagine I've included a statement necklace and arm candy. Also, super cute with a cropped leather jacket and a scarf!

Here's the obligatory before and after shot:
 Oh, and here's how I'm actually wearing it today as I do laundry!!!

Hope you enjoyed this one :) Happy Refashioning!


  1. I've only ever done one refashion as I wasn't brave enough... I might see if I can find a suitable top to give this a go, though. Your post here makes it all seem easier than I built it up to be. :-)

    1. It is fairly easy!!! If you have any questions about the process, don't hesitate to ask :) And I'd love to see yours, if you decide to go for it ;).

  2. Super cute! Makes me want to refashion!

    1. Thanks Hanna, can't wait to see what you make ;)