Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Cargo & Polka Dots

Today I've got a refashion, and an alteration. Let's get started with the refashion! I found this polka-dot blouse at my local thrift and picked it up for $2. First things first? Cut out the shoulder pads!

As I am a major 'wing it' kinda gal, I got down to it. I turned the blouse inside out, chopped off each sleeve, put it on, then pinned where the armholes would need to end. As you can see, I not only removed the sleeves but cut halfway down each side at an angle, and I needed to close the sides back up.

Now, as I was just 'winging it', I ran into a couple of small issues...I decided to finish off the arms with bias binding. My first time ever! Aaaand it went well until this happened (notice the shoulder). I redid it three times...yeah, and this was the last cause then I thought, "It's my first time finishing off this way and it should look like it was my first time." ;) I was basically done trying to fix it. To 'make' the bias binding, I simply cut a section of the cutoff sleeves that was long enough to finish off the armhole. Oh, and did you notice the bust dart? Yeah...didn't realize I needed one until I'd already done with the bias. So, I thought, "Screw it! I'm gonna add it after and not care...again, its my first time."

The alteration comes into play with this pair of pants I thrifted while in MI last month. They're a size 8, and I normally wear a 4 or 6, depending on the brand/cut/style/etc. I could have simply always worn them with a belt, but even for that they were a bit saggy. And without a belt, they created 'droopy crotch'...not. good. So, what method did I use for taking them in the required amount?

First, here's the after:

Starting just above the cargo pockets on each side, I took them in by about a half an inch (measuring from the waist in). I also ran them through my machine 3 times to get a super strong seam. Because I only took in a small amount on each side, I didn't trim the excess fabric. It doesn't create any extra bulk and isn't uncomfortable. And if I ever gain weight I can simply undo the process. ;) Not planning on that!

 I decided to wear the two pieces together, and added a faux black leather jacket I got for $30 at Uniqlo last year, a yard sale statement necklace ($2), and my thrifted cognac leather booties ($6). I'd prefer this with black booties...but I haven't had any luck in finding them at the thrift store and I seldom find myself at any type of shoe store. They're on my thrifting wish list :).

I feel like I might like this top better under a jacket or cardigan as long as I'm wearing a belt...seems boxy. But that could just be me. Here's the before and after of the top:

 Happy Refashioning!



  1. I have been mulling around what method I want to use to attack some pants that are now too big for me. Hurray for trimming down, boo for not being able to wear my favorite pants! I might try this method. Thanks for sharing. :o)


    1. I may have to let mine out just a smidge as the fabric over the zipper pulls a tiny bit, but as long as you get the right amount taken in, it really is that simple! Hope it works out for you :) And thank you for stopping by!

  2. I like your healthy attitude toward first-time processes. Could use a bit of that myself - I'm so concerned with doing things perfectly that I now have a big stack of "started" refashions and no "finished" ones :(

    Amazing what one little seam did for the pants! I didn't know that taking in the side seams would fix a droopy crotch problem, but it definitely made the difference.

    1. Hahaha, I figure most of my 'firsts' have been somewhat similar...in sewing, and in life in general! But it helps not to stress over the small stuff and learn from every experience!!! A lesson I continue to learn ;)

      Get at that refashion pile! It may not have gone the way you planned, but that's not always a bad thing :)

  3. I love, love, love the bold, feminine polka dot top with the cargo pants! And your refashioning/refitting looks awesome! Great job!! :)

    1. Aww, Thank you :) And sorry it took me so long to respond ;) Sheesh! Appreciate it.