Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday's Quick 'Fix': Hemming and Patches

Just a quick 'fix' for you today...I had a pair of pants that needed to be shortened up. I wanted to keep the original hem, and the thin fabric made it easy to match everything up and topstitch through the layers. I started out by marking where the length would be:

I folded the pant hems over, pinned them in place, then ran a straight stitch around right along the edge of the hem. I trimmed off the excess, finished the seam edges, folded the hems right side out and topstitched just above the seam (not the typical way, but I wanted my seam to lie flat that way). Done!

The extra 'bits' were the perfect size to create patches for my son's favorite pants...he blew out both knees in the first week of school. And three weeks later, I'm fixing them :-P hahaha, yeah, it takes me a while with mending jobs that just aren't very fun.  I put the patches on the outside, creating a two-tone pair of gray pants that I hope will last a bit longer. And since I have two more pairs of pants with blown out knees (added in the second week of school), I may share a couple of different patching methods in the following days ;).

Hoping to work on some 'fun' sewing this weekend, and I may even push to have a post up tomorrow! So, stay tuned ;)


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