Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Basic Whites

I did some really easy fixes this afternoon on a few whites I had sitting in my sewing inbox. It's not always the most exciting thing to make these kinds of fixes, but when needing to build up on basics, its a necessary task.

First up is a white tank top whose straps are just far too long and when needing to wear this under something with a low neckline, it doesn't help that this works its way down to be too low as well. :-/

So, I simply cut the straps in the back, removed about 2 inches, then folded them under and sewed them back in place.

 Much better :)

Next up is this white top I thrifted last month for $2.50. Very white, not a spot on it, and super soft! Just a little big.

So, I turned it inside out, laid a top on it that fit well, and then pinned around where I'd need to take it in. I ran each side through my machine and trimmed off the excess.

And now I've got a nice fitted white t-shirt.

Last in my group of whites are these boot cuffs that I refashioned from a thrifted cardigan. They are very simple but pretty and I just wanted to add a little something.

So, I rummaged through my stash of thrifted buttons and came across the ones I wanted. I didn't want to create contrast, but just add a subtle detail and the tone on tone does this. Now they are ready to wear!

On another note, I'm working on a tutorial for some pretty spring scarves! I received a message on my Etsy shop asking if I'd posted on how I made the scarf I'm wearing in this pic...

which is my main blog picture (also on my shop page). I hadn't created a tutorial on that scarf as it was something I did 3 years ago, but upon responding to the message I found that she'd been looking to see if I had scarves like that one for sale. Well, why not make some more and create a tutorial for it for any that would simply want to make one themselves? So, keep an eye out for that this weekend!

Hope you are all well,


  1. I simply love and appreciate basic refashions like you have blogged. I tend to wear these type of refashions more than involved refashions that are usually on a formal 'going' out outfit.

    Thanks for sharing. From Karen ar Facebook group Bowerbirds Journal.

    1. Thank you, Karen! I agree, the basics are my go-to pieces most of the time which makes these types of refashions so useful.

  2. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to the tutorial about the scarf!

    1. Aww, I'm glad you found your way over Becky! Thanks for commenting :)

  3. all three amazing fixings:-D
    I will be waiting the tutorial I love that scarf!!!!!

    1. Thanks so much Orlo Subito! I'm excited about the tutorial :)