Saturday, March 15, 2014

Spring Scarf Tutorial: Part VI

Did ya miss me yesterday? I had a job to finish for a first! Simple panels of fabric to be placed over a ceiling. Seemed simple, anyhow, but I had my share of mishaps and learned A LOT! But on to the tutorial that I missed posting yesterday!

I started out with a thrifted t-shirt that had some tiny holes here and there but was a pretty color. It also just so happened to coordinate with two pieces of silk fabric that I'd thrifted several months back.  Now, I had different ideas on how to make these scarves but in the end I went the easy and safe route. 

I started by making my t-shirt into yarn. I did not pull it, but instead folded the entire length in half, then in half again, and then into thirds. Each 'strand' of my braid would therefore have four strands of yarn. I braided up the length which turned out to be long enough to double over. I used scraps to tie over where I'd sewn the two ends of the braid together. If you want it to be absolutely no-sew, just tie the ends of the braid together nice and tight or use some strong fabric glue before wrapping.

Now, here's where I balked a bit on my original plans. I had thought to make an actually infinity scarf with each of these pieces of fabric, but in the end couldn't do it! So, I decided I'd go the route of knots. The piece on the right was folded in half and where the corners met, I tied double knots. The bottom piece was closer to a square shape so I folded it into two triangles; the outer corners will be tied together.

Once I'd tied each one up, I looped the first around my neck just once, laying the braided scarf over the top! Again, I put on the second, looped twice around, and layered the braid over it. Two looks, and I didn't make any 'permanent' changes to the silk so that if I want to do something else with them later on, I can :). And I probably will.

Leaving the raw edges of the t-shirt yarn and the silk remnants visible may not be to everyone's taste, so feel free to do more finishing work if your fabrics require it. Otherwise, be creative with what you have and feel free to play with scarves you already own, and layer them with some of these simple braided ones.

One last look at the before and after:

Because I'm a day late, I'll do the post with all of the styling shots and mixing and matching tomorrow. Happy Saturday!



  1. I so enjoyed this series! So creative and the results are beautiful. Thank you for all the tips and ideas!

    1. Thank you, Jenny_o, I appreciate your comment!