Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thrift Scores: Vintage or Something Like It

I decided to hit up my local thrift store a couple different times this month and came across a few homemade pieces that I just had to bring home with me. I can't attest to age so we'll call them 'vintage' or vintage-inspired ;).

This first dress was so well made, that despite the dark colors, I decided to snatch it up for $5. It will most likely end up as a refashion, though I'd like to retain as much of its original details as possible...maybe change up the sleeves and neckline a bit? We'll see.

This next baby doll dress is orange...obviously, but I don't normally 'do' orange. So, I'm excited to try this out this spring and summer. I'll do a slight adjustment at the sides (it zips up the back), and I'll complete some finishing work on it that was never done. It looks vintage to me, but it could simply be vintage-inspired and made more recently. Got it for $3!

I really love this next one. It looks like a vintage fabric and indeed a piece made some time ago as there is some discoloration around the neckline. The good news is that I plan to open up the neck a bit. I got it for $2 (instead of $3) because of said discoloration and I just can't get over the print and tiny buttons on each sleeve...they're my favorite part!

Finally, I grabbed this strawberry print apron to add to my vintage apron collection. It's actually unfinished, so I will take care of that, and looks to be more vintage-inspired, but who knows. I paid $1.50 for it. I also "bought" this $.25 pattern that they ended up giving me for free because they didn't want to charge me $.13 on half-off day :). Score! I have plans to make something from a pattern...and I figured I'd scout out the few that show up in my local store from time to time.

Hope you enjoyed these happy finds! I'll update you once I've made the changes that I'm planning with each piece. Until then, happy refashioning, crafting, sewing, whatever you do for fun!!!



  1. Yes, definitely the sleeves need to go on the dark dress. As always I enjoy this section of your blog the best where you present your finds and prices, your thoughts and eventually your refashion of them. Where you store it all beats me. I am always trying to find and/or sort storage.

    From Karen at and Facebook Group Bowerbirds Journal.

    1. I'm excited to work on these pieces :) Well, our downstairs storage space needs a good sorting so that we can weed out all of the baby stuff (yes, my son is 5 and we still have tons of baby things!) to sell/donate and other items to donate as well. I'll be forcing my husband to help me do that this weekend since its supposed to be rainy. Then I'll tackle my own wardrobe (again) and do some clearing out. I'd love to find or organize a swap around here...I believe they hold one at the school across the street and I need to start checking dates on that as I believe they do it twice a year, one time being in the spring! I'd love to cover some of our local initiatives, this being one of them :)

  2. Good Afternoon Andrea (from your name tag buddy!!) These are amazing finds! I often look in my local charity shops and I never see anything. Looking at your blog I'm almost convinced I should just buy anything and re-fashion - watch this space ...

    1. I'd love to be part of converting you to an avid refashioner! There really are tons of options once you start looking more at the fabric and quality/quantity as opposed to whether a garment is fashionable, fits, etc. :)