Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Look Forward: 2015

2015. Another year, a new beginning, just another day. However you see it, the celebration of the New Year has its uses. An opportunity to celebrate, see family and friends, let loose; a chance to start new habits, end bad ones, set goals for the future; a time to reflect, take stock, be thankful, and learn. Make of it what you will, but please make it something positive!

My last post's purpose was to look back on 2014 as it was my first year blogging. Well, I say my first year, though in fact I'd been contributing over at Refashion Co-op for two years prior. But starting my own blog was a goal that I met and kept. I also made other personal goals...some I met and others I did not. And that's ok. Life takes us along paths unexpected (as a rule, I think) and some goals we set for ourselves are not meant to be. For a time, perhaps, or not at all. And that's ok. :)

Looking forward I'd really like to continue as I've been, in regards to the blog, with a few changes and additions. I've got all kinds of ideas bouncing around and grand plans for projects, themed posts, etc. But I'd like to step back from that and give myself the space to consider the other areas of my life that deserve attention as well. 2015 may well hold some major changes for us as a family, and I'd like to focus my energy to simplifying and enjoying each and every day. Setting a schedule with the blog will be my first step, and I'll share more on that in this first week of the new year.

Some sweet new things to look forward to include relaunching Thrift Style Thursday! Each participant will host a themed week, while the others link up to that blog post. If you'd like to join in or simply follow along, take a look at out Facebook page. I'll continue to use Instagram as a way of sharing about my blog posts, but I also share additional outfits and personal snapshots there, so be sure to follow along @little_didyouknow! Another event I'll be taking part in is Agy's "I Didn't Throw It Away" blog train. You can check the schedule on her blog, Green Issues by Agy. (She is involved in some pretty awesome green initiatives, check out her blog!!! So inspiring!)

I'd love to get more involved in the blogging community, so if you've got any sew-alongs, pics of the day, challenges, link-ups, etc that you'd recommend, let me know!

It's been a privilege to spend this first year sharing with you all, and I'm hoping for even better things in this year to come.

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