Friday, January 16, 2015

Quick 'Fix' Friday: Tank Top Take-In

All this alliteration! Way too early for that ;) So starting this week, I'm linking up with Agy of Green Issues by Agy on our Friday posts. She is hosting a series called Fix It Friday, and I'm going with Quick 'Fix' Friday. My posts will mostly center around quick 'fix' refashions that are simple and quick.

Today's features this most awesome of all tank tops I ordered from Michigan Awesome in late summer on sale. Knowing it would fit tight on my stomach if I got a small size, I went with the medium expecting this to happen...

This is something I'm used to, so no big deal, right? Let's get to fixing the problem. Now, to start, I will sometimes take it in starting with the length of the straps. This helps if it hangs too low and too big on top, but this time, I didn't have to do that.

I pinched in each side at the armpit and marked where I needed to start. I then pinched down at my waist where I would taper out to meet up with the side seam.


I sewed down each side between my two points, trimmed my excess, zigzagged the raw edge and then using a slanting zigzag stitch I sewed along the inside of the straight stitching. This creates a smooth seam that doesn't pull.

And that is that! It took all of 10 minutes to get it just right (I did have to adjust a tiny bit where I tapered out). This may not seem the timeliest of refashions, but I've been wanting to represent for my home state and I can totally wear a big cozy cardigan over top or just throw this on to work out...until warm weather returns.

Remember to check out Agy's post which shows how to fix snags! And follow along each Friday for more quick refashions and mending tips :)



  1. Sometimes a little change is all you need. Nice save!

  2. Oh, you've hit upon my nemesis - tank tops. They are always gaping and the straps are always too long (I am a very short person). When you say you used a slanting zigzag stich, how do you do that? Is it a setting on your particular machine or a technique any machine could produce? My machine is very basic so I'm always on the lookout for new ways to use what I do have.

    1. The slanted zigzag stitch is a stitch on my machine, Jenny, so it allows some stretching at the seam. The other thing you can do (depending on the amount of stretch) is to stretch the fabric while you sew a straight stitch. As long as the fabric bounces back then that should also give you a little stretch along the seam so there isn't any pulling. Hope that helps!

  3. I think I would need some help with the pinching - I would probably over pinch :-)

    1. I hear you Agy! I've been wanting to add a dress form to my arsenal so that I don't over pinch, or take things in too much, but that will have to wait ;) If you've got a husband, partner, friend, son, available, they can also help out! :)