Friday, January 30, 2015

Quick 'Fix' Friday: Mending

Today I've just got a quick mending project that I took on for a friend. I've not been feeling well and I just don't want to do much :-/. But this was easy. She had this cashmere sweater with three small holes near the tag and collar.

I picked out a matching thread, threaded my needle, and as the picture shows I sewed in a circle around the hole weaving through the knit.

Pull the thread taut and tie off, and voila!

Once mended, there is only a slight bit of pulling visible on the outside, and as there's a collar on this sweater, it won't show at all. Easy peasy and takes 5 minutes!

Hope this little mending job helps you out with all of those holey knits that crop up in winter time! Mend them up and if the spot shows too much you can always camouflage it with something like this or this! Oh, and don't forget to check out Agy's (Green Issues by Agy) post on darning socks!