Sunday, April 26, 2015

April Thrift Scores: Part II

I've been pretty lucky in my thrift scores this month. I've been trying to limit as much as possible as I've cleared out my wardrobe, and only choose items that I know will be super useful. I'm still bound to make a few impulse purchases, but I'm working on it ;). 

These first two tops are basics. An oversized black blouse and a J. Crew light blue button-up. I love tops like these (and the black one is replacing the smaller similar type blouse I got rid of recently) because I can wear them in a variety of ways simply by tucking, tying or leaving them open.

Those two along with this next one were 3 for $10. I really like this pattern, the gold buttons up the back, but the length bothers me a bit...I'll be adding something (probably one of my numerous lace trims!).

Next up is this black maxi dress and sandals. The dress will be taken in to be more fitted and shortened. And I may change the neckline. It was $3. The sandals are Born and so comfortable! They were $5 on half-off day.

This top was definitely an impulse buy...its made of a super stretchy thin fabric, but what sold me was the lace trim with a fringy edge. I totally bought it for that trim ;-p.

It along with these next two pieces were 3 for $10. And these next two pieces were an absolute steal at that price! This gray silk wrap top is so pretty and so me. I can't wait to wear it...tomorrow ;). The sandals I'm wearing are the other piece. They are Clarks Bendables wedges in nude and the most comfortable sandals/wedges I've ever worn. LOVE. 

Final pieces of wearables (minus jewelry) are this homemade black dress and the black platform sandals. The dress was only $3 and the sandals $2! I threw on the belt just because, but this dress will definitely need to be altered to fit. Love the little gold diamonds all over it!

Sparkly things are a must now and then, so this little mirror, bangle and earrings were just enough to fill the void ;). I paid $11 for all 3.

Just look at that floral engraving on the back! So pretty <3

And last, but not least, a random purchase that I just couldn't pass up! These are crocheted shade pulls that someone lovingly made, and though I will not use them as shade pulls, I felt I must buy them to use as something...any ideas, friends? Cause I got nothing. So far. Hard to pass up things that are handmade and looking for a second chance.

Hoping to avoid the thrift stores for the month of May, and focus on some refashions instead :) Me-Made-May is coming up! I'll post more about that soon. Hope you are well this lovely (but rather chilly here) weekend.



  1. Wow, what a score!
    I love your little top with the gold buttons. I think the length is really cute on you.
    Your shoe haul was particularly good. Born sandals! Jealous!
    That little mirror would have come home with me too. All the detail. Great quality.
    You could thread the crocheted rings onto a ribbon and glue or stitch them in place. Use it for a hair decoration, a choker, a collar or around a lampshade as an interesting pattern or lace edge! :-D xo Jazzy Jack

    1. I've got to think on those shade pulls...all good ideas! I'll play around with them a bit, and give it time. I'll decide on something eventually ;). The sandals were the highlight for comfy cute sandals!

  2. I'm wondering how one of those crocheted rings would look on a long chain as a pendant? Idea #2 would be to use them on the ends of the pull cords on a light/ceiling fan. (We just put up new fans in the living room, I'm sure that's why #2 popped in my head) :o)


    1. That's a great idea for the pulls on the overhead lights (we don't have fans) in our hallways. They have the long strings hanging down. Thanks!

  3. Please, please show us the refashions once you are done. I am so inspired by your "fashions." Now if I just could pick up the scissors!!

    1. So excited to be working on refashions! Just have to sit down and get to it ;) I'll of course show them when I'm done!

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