Wednesday, April 8, 2015

March Instagram Recap: A little late...

Here's a look at some of my instagram feed over the month of March...I'm noticing a trend in the lack of refashions! But I've been documenting some of my favorite work looks, as well as my Thrift Style Thursday outfits. Just need to work in more DIY posts. Soon. Maybe today? We'll see ;)

This first pic is somewhat of a 'refashion' in that I took an over-sized (for my frame) dress and simply belted it to create one of my current favorite looks...I sooooo can't wait to wear this look to work and may just do so today! Even if it's meant to be cold and rainy.

I have to say that joggers felt a bit out of reach for me when they first came in vogue...but I'm definitely feeling this floral pair and how comfy they are for work. Can't wait to wear these with a heeled sandal!

I've also been itching to wear this look that I styled for a 'recent thrift haul' post I did. Soon. Very soon.

One of my favorite shoe projects are my DIY doily shoes that I made last year. They came in handy for a balmy St. Patrick's Day!

And here's the rest of that day's look. The pop of green in the shoes was plenty! And I'm totally digging chambray over denim in any combination of blues...

Another favorite look...This jacket is one of my best finds and so my style. Throw in stripes (because I own a stack of striped everything!), black skinnies and my favorite boots and I've got myself an outfit that I want to wear daily. Seriously.

Here's my refashioned green silk top and gifted abalone earrings I wore for Thrift Style Thursday during St. Patty's week. One of my favorite tops/refashions and colors ever. In life.

Ummmm, can I express how much I looooove my job and getting to 'model' clothes there???!!! Seriously, AND the dress is green, AND it has pockets. I felt so glam :).

Now, if you are a fashion blogger having to take hundreds of photos of yourself just to get a few decent ones (holla if ya hear me!) AND you have kid/s, this will often happen...a photoshoot takeover!

Again, one of my favorite looks...I'm noticing a pattern of my fave looks including an olive-toned jacket, black and white, skinnies and boots. This thrifted 'blazer' is another fave find that I've been wearing more and more.

Wait, is this a refashion I spy? It is, but admittedly not a favorite...gotta give it time, and maybe possibly wear it out in public to try it out for the closet or the re-refashion pile. Find it here.

And again, trying on clothes at work is!!! I loved this skirt so much that I bought it ;).

And then there was this dress. Le sigh. I see this dress living in my wardrobe until my kids want to borrow my clothes...well, that is if I had a daughter, which I don't, so maybe my nieces? lol, whoever it will be, this will hopefully be passed down to someone who is like me and loves this piece as I do.

Oh, and then there was the Thrift Style Thursday swap! This look is a little out of my comfort zone, but so cute! And now that the giveaway has ended, we'll be soon finding out who the lucky winners of their own thrifted looks will be. So excited to get shopping for one of you lovely readers :).

Hope you enjoyed this little review, and here's to hoping I'll have a post up later today of a new project...


  1. I just figured out what it is I like so much about the dress refashion you were iffy about (blue top with multicoloured hem) - it reminds me of a roaring twenties dress with a beaded hem - the nubby texture of the scarf you used is very reminiscent of beads. In my opinion :)

    Your little guy is getting BIG! I see he's at the loosing-front-teeth stage!

    1. Great comparison, Jenny, on the dress! He is getting big...growing out of ALL of his clothes and wearing out the knees of ALL his pants :-o!!! Oh my ;)