Saturday, April 25, 2015

// #thriftstylethursday // Stripes

So, it's definitely NOT Thursday, but seeing as I've been wearing thrifted stripes for the past 4 days (not the same clothes each day, mind you) I figured it was high time I document with photos and post even if I'm tardy. 

By now you've already jumped around to see what all the other ladies were wearing, but I'll include the links at the end as usual, in case you're also running a few days late ;). 

This outfit is a favorite. There's an equation to a great outfit, in my opinion, and this is it: 

The bottoms can be any basic that fits AND flatters, the top should have some interest, and then the completer piece. It could be a denim jacket (this one is by Pilcro from Anthropologie), a cardigan, a cute blazer...tons of options! And this is by no means the only equation, but its hard to go wrong when you use it. Now, I wore this with my new Toms today, but for the pics, I threw on a pair of thrifted polka dot ballet flats.

Minimal make-up, a quick side braid and my vintage sisal market bag, and I ran some errands and fit in a bit of thrifting as well! Super easy, so comfy, and perfect for a spring Saturday. Apart from the denim jacket, everything else was thrifted. The t-shirt was an XL that I sized down, and I wear it weekly. The thrifted part of my outfit cost under $20 (the bag being the most expensive piece).

Here's a look at how I wear my thrifted stripes as shared on Instagram (notice it's the same top in both looks):

Click on the pics to hop over to see some more stripes!


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