Thursday, June 26, 2014

Floral Giveaway Shorts: Lengthening

I posted about this thrifted outfit I won through a giveaway this past Friday, then showed how I would wear the crop top. Now it's time to tackle these too-short shorts :).

This was a really simple change. I unpicked the hem and found that I could lower the shorts by two inches as long as I used a tiny hem to finish them off. In fact, these were a longer length (shorts, capris or pants) at one point! Someone else had cut them off and shortened them.

I ran the raw edges through my machine using an overlocking stitch to finish them off and snipped any bits of frayed fabric.

I then folded over a tiny hem and straight stitched all the way around each leg.

The last step is to iron them, but for now they are sitting in a pile of things I'll iron later this evening when it isn't so hot. Here's how they look now...much better! Normally I will change things up by bringing the length up, but if you've got enough of a hem allowance, there's always the chance to bring the length down as well!

I'm still not completely sure about these shorts, to be completely honest. They aren't my style, so I think I'll play around with them a bit to see if they start to grow on me. If not, I'll pass them on to someone else who would love them!



  1. The shorts are super cute! Maybe taking in some of the width of the short's legs might make them more modern and perhaps more you. In any case, I'm excited to see what you come up with!

    1. I'll have to consider that, though what is bothering me is the pleating and excess fabric in the belly area...maybe I could top stitch the pleats/gathers in such a way to reduce the look of poofyness? We'll see! I'll pin them a few different ways to see. Thanks for the great idea, Hanna!

  2. Two inches of length can make a huge difference - funny, isn't it? Good instructions.

    1. Thanks Jenny :) They really do make a world of difference!