Friday, June 20, 2014

I Won A Giveaway!

Ok, so I actually won the giveaway on Mother's Day last month, and was so surprised and stoked because it was an added surprise to an already lovely day. Leelue Drew (Leah) hosted this Thrifty Outfit Giveaway and informed me through Instagram that I was going to be the lucky recipient of a 'Leelue Drew Style' outfit! Well, early the next morning, I learned of my grandpa's passing, and I went home to Michigan. I had difficulty getting a message through to Leah as my cell service was terrible and had no internet either. Eventually, I was able to let her know what was going on and send my sizes, measurements, address, etc. The package arrived back in Jersey just a day before I did and this is what I came home to find!

I tried everything on, and it all fit perfectly...except the shorts are a bit short for my personal comfort. Super cute choices, and VERY Leelue Drew (just check out her outfit posts on Instagram and her blog for all the cuteness she's able to pull off). I love the color of the crop top, will have no trouble letting the hem of the shorts down to give them the extra length I want, and the sandals are so comfy. I love what you chose, Leah!!!

I decided to separate the pieces a bit, as this outfit shows a lot of skin, and played around with styling the cropped top first. My (thrifted & refashioned) high-waisted polka dot pants made an appearance...

Then I quickly hit the jackpot...midi skirts! Duh ;). I love this color combination. And the skirt is thrifted, of course. Oh, and POCKETS!!! Can I just say that skirts with pockets are kinda my jam...yep. I'm okay with this look and the sandals, though I think I'd actually wear a different pair (think metallic or camel-colored).

I also love the crop top with my new wrap skirt that I posted over on Instagram yesterday. Again, the midi length and the perfect shape.

I pretty much stopped there, because to be quite honest, I will probably wear this top with a midi skirt every. single. time.

I'll be sure to highlight the shorts, sandals and earrings when I get a chance at lengthening/styling/wearing them :). Thank you again, Leah, for hosting such an awesome giveaway!



  1. So cute and what a nice idea!

    I especially like the top with the polka dot pants.

    1. Thanks Jenny :) I was pretty excited to win!