Sunday, June 29, 2014

Tribal Dress...Crop Set...Peplum...T-shirt?

I started with this tribal 'dress' (though I would not have been able to wear it as one). Picked it up in Michigan for a couple of dollars and figured I'd do a simply refashion that I could post about while there...

so, I chopped it in half!

Then added an elastic band to the bottom section (folded inwards) to make it a skirt. It was still a little too tiny for my taste.

So, I brought it home with me. I cut the 'skirt' straight across the middle, cut away the side seams, then sewed each equal width section to another creating a loop. Here it is folded over, but the idea was to gather the top edge and reattach it to the cropped top portion to make a peplum. Which I did.

Gathered and reattaching it...

But I didn't like it. So, I thought, how about a peplum with pleats? I tried it. I folded the loop creating two large pleats in front and back, then reattached it.

And I didn't like it.

So, I reduced the size of my loop (after cutting it off from the now even shorter cropped top portion), and reattached it making this a fitted t-shirt.

But I also added thin elastic where I sewed the top and bottom that I can simply fold the bottom under smoothly and wear it as a cropped top!

Should've been simple enough to chop the length then add elastic at the ribcage to get the final product...but why do things the easy way? ;)

Whew! Now that I'm done with that, I can move onto some more complicated refashions ;). I've got a few fun things lined up, including a cropped jacket I've been posting about over on my ig account. Hope you all have enjoyed your weekend! I'm ready for week two of 'summer break'...well, I will be once we sign the boy up for camp tomorrow and pick up our pool passes!!!



  1. But you got the cool double pattern of arrows by doing it your way, and that adds something to it - shaping? definition? Something!

    Oh, I am so very glad it's not just me who runs into problems!

    1. haha, thanks for seeing the 'reason' behind why it went the way it went ;) yes, the double pattern definitely defines the waist better...ahem, or something like that!