Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Name Tag Swap

Let's get back to some regular blogging, eh? Today's post is a bit of a feature on a fellow blogger I "met" through a name tag swap. Rachel of House of Pinheiro has been instrumental in planning meet ups for sewists in and around London. For those unable to travel such a distance, she hosted a name tag swap where sewists from around the world could sign up, be assigned a partner, then create a one of a kind name tag for said partner. Here's more info on this year's swap and the meet up

I was paired up with Sarah of Sew New. She was strictly a 'follow the pattern' kind of gal until she started exploring my blog. Since then she's done at least 2-3 different types of refashions, her most recent, 'skinnifying' a pair of jeans :). My second ever attempt at using a pattern was also inspired by Sarah, though I'm not sure I've been as successful as her. Let's just say that picking patterns and learning how to make the adjustments for my body will take time and practice...oh, and more patience than I have! Just check out some of the dresses Sarah's made if you want an example of how its done: here and here are a couple of my favorites.

Let's get down to the name tags...I started out with this pile of thrifted sewing notions. The embroidered velvet border, the super wide bias tape, button, and thread are all second hand, with the embroidery floss being bought new.

I used the flower-embroidered piece for the back of the name tag, the black bias tape for the front, floss to embroider her name, a denim strap removed from a refashioned pair of jeans as a means of attachment and tried making a kitty face on the button with my yellow thread...that was tricky and I guess it came out okay. Sarah has a cat, so I thought why not personalize beyond just her name ;).

I received my tame tag from Sarah, as well, and here it is! Complete with a braided lanyard so I can wear it around my neck...guess I should have thought of that! The one I made is more like a luggage tag or something. I love the star patterned fabric she used and though its not pictured, theres a pocket on the back of the name tag that I could slip business cards into :). Love it!!! Thanks so much, Sarah.



  1. I was thrilled to bits with mine, It's sat proudly in my sewing room :D Your embroidery is so beautiful xxx

    1. I'm so glad, Sarah! Congratulations on the baby, BTW!!!! So exciting :) I'll be watching for updates on that and how that effects your sewing ;)

  2. Both tags are so attractive. It's neat how people interpret the same challenge so differently. Love the kitty face :)