Thursday, June 12, 2014

May Thrift Score

May's thrift score was a pretty hefty one... :-/ Self-imposed ban on thrifting, coming right up! ;) No, for real. Time to take a reprieve and get refashioning from my stash. And, hopefully start putting some pieces up for sale! Now, with the extended visit to Michigan and all, I've basically forgotten exact prices on these pieces from I'll estimate what I normally would spend. All told, I think I spent around $50 for this bunch.

I wasn't completely sure if I should nab this silk four-piece outfit, but at half off, I couldn't pass up so much silk! And I have to say I love the colors and ombre effect. I think I paid $8. The skirt fits, the top works like a loose blouse (perfect for tucking, and the jacket is very kimono-esque...and the scarf, is well, a scarf. I don't necessarily need to make any changes, but I probably will to at least one of the four.

Next is an extra-large sheer cotton top that I plan on refashioning for my sister. A violet colored zippered hoodie (cause it's cozy). An extra-large t-shirt (for the stash). A blue and yellow striped nightshirt (for the stash). I think all told I paid $9 for these pieces.

I got these jeans for $2 (:-0) and the pants for $2.50...yes, they are maternity pants, but they are super comfy...yeah, I have no excuses ;).

I picked up this tank top because of the print (will make it into something...). This pale pink/blush dress might stay as-is, though I haven't decided for sure, and the final dress will definitely stay as-is and has already become a staple in my wardrobe. $8.50 for all three.

I'm kinda in love with these next two, though I have yet to wear them...the striped blouse is perfect!!! The floral skort/shorts are a bit big, so a quick taking-in is required. Paid $5.

A couple more workout tops to add to my collection, and they only set me back $4 for the two.

And what can I say? Silk. Floral. Robe. I see a kimono jacket and a breezy top in my near future ;). $4.50!!!

Bathing suit halter tankini that fits me perfectly and only cost $2, plus a pair of floral bottoms (need to be sized down a smidge) for $1.

I picked these scarves up at a yardsale across the street for $1 apiece.

Straw bags...basket-style bags...I'm kinda obsessed, so I nabbed this beauty as soon as I laid eyes on it! $3.50!!!

Bangles for $1, and a patchwork pillow cover for $.50.

Okay, so we're up to just over $50. But I also picked up some fabric at a yardsale just before leaving, and that cost me $15...$10 for the one pictured on the top here (its a huge bolt of many yards) and $5 for the two lower remnant pieces.

As I said, it's time to take stock, organize my stash, and get to working on some pieces I'd like to make for sale on my Etsy shop as well as here at the local craft fairs. Gotta get that stash under control ;). June's thrift score post will be much more modest (as I was home and couldn't acquire tons of extra...not gonna bring home extra luggage!), though floral will be the main theme.

How about you? Have you had any awesome thrift scores lately? I'd love to hear about some of your favorites :)



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    1. Thanks, Bytesize82 :) Me too! Can't wait to start refashioning and styling the pieces I'll wear as-is.

  2. Love seeing all your bargains +++ And will been keen to see any REfashions. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Coming right up! a day or two ;)

  3. Wow - great bargains! It's such a nice feeling to get interesting things for not much money.

    I love the unique colour of the four-piece silk set.

    1. Thanks, Jenny...I've still gotta stop it for a bit. Even petty cash starts to add up fast!