Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Month in Instagram Pics

Ceiling lamp in my grandparents' home
Capturing my shadow
Florals make me happy
Tree not ready to bloom
Sunset at the lake
Thrift score
Shoes (of 3 nieces)
Thrifted floral + cutoffs
Tiramisu gelato @ Amorino
Selfie fail with one of my besties
Typical Andre

From an unexpected visit to my hometown in Michigan to a visit from one of my best friends from college upon our return, this past month has been non-stop and full of really great moments. Here are just a few that I documented on my public Instagram account (found here) and my private one. Hope you take time to enjoy and document (in some way) all of the little moments...



  1. Love the shoes at the doorstep. Thanks for sharing some personal photos. I look forward to seeing some more REfashions. You can see what I get up to on http://ruderecord.wordpress.com

  2. What nice photos. You have a good eye!

    We were always C & B photographers. Christmas and Birthdays. Hardly anything else :)

    1. My grandma was big on candid (read, taking pics of us while we were eating) shots, and they're some of my favorites from my childhood...so I endeavor to take shots that will evoke certain memories or feelings for me when I get older ;) I'm glad you like them!