Monday, February 17, 2014

A Basic & A Bonus No-Sew Refashion!

Today's refashions are a mixture of summer and winter (does that mean they'll be perfect for spring and fall?). I started out with this sweatshirt that I'd thrifted this past fall. I grabbed it and bought it without trying it on because I knew that it would fit and it looked comfy. But then I put it on...

Can we say preppy, much? A little too much for me ;). So, it sat and sat until I could decide on what to do with it. I've been browsing my refashion ideas on Pinterest and seeing a low-backed fitted t-shirt gave me an idea. I started by unpicking the collar, then cutting away the "front" of the sweater and a part of the "back" neckline. Yep, I'll be turning this backwards...go figure!

I took the collar, folded it in half and cut out a section long enough to reach across the low-backed gap.

I then cut it down to about a 2-inch thickness, folded over each raw edge and stitched across the length several times to create a band. I then attached this at each side to the top by the shoulders.

After trying it on, I realized that the band was way too long, so I unpicked one side, shortened it and sewed it back in place...much better!

I trimmed up the neckline a bit to smooth things out and left the edges raw. Now I can wear my cozy sweatshirt up on my shoulders, or pull it down a bit to show them off ;).

Easy-peasy kind of top for a day spent at home...

or, I can pull out a pretty dress (thrifted!!!) and see how combining the two can glam up this basic piece.

First things first, for this to work, the neckline of said dress must fit over your hips/butt. Ok, so here's how I turned my dress into a skirt! (This is the bonus no-sew refashion, btw.) I took the top portion of the dress and folded it to the inside; because this isn't clingy, any extra volume doesn't really show! Tucked my new sweatshirt in and with the addition of a statement necklace and heels, this sweatshirt is now date worthy!

I love how the varying shades of pink in the necklace match the dress! And this way I can still show a little back ;) But wait, adding a slip between the "skirt" and folded down top also helps to hide any weird lines/bumps that may be caused...shapewear could work too.

Because I was was loving wearing a pretty dress, I decided to style it as a top instead: just add a matching maxi skirt! Again, the flow of the maxi allows for the dress' skirt to lay underneath without being obvious.

And then I figured the maxi would look amazing with the sweater! And a neon pink necklace? Of course!

Or, how about dressing up that sweatshirt one more way?! Just paired it with my harem pants refashioned in January for another cozy but cool look! (I'm wearing heeled sandals, but this would be oh so cute with black booties...just don't have a pair!) Oh, and in case you don't quite understand the "partial tuck" or why its done, this picture shows why I love it so much. Tucking the whole sweatshirt in doesn't work for where these pants should be worn on my waist, but by tucking just the front, it gives me the length in the top that I want while showing the waist detail of the pants that helps to break up the outfit :).
Really happy with how this came out, loving the flexibility of casual pieces like this to be worn in more dressy situations, and even though it was only for the photos, I totally loved wearing heels again! Hahaha, need to make it a priority to go latin dancing with my husband at least once a month :) Keep me accountable? :) Thanks!

Here's one last look at the before and after:


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