Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Zippered Sweater X 2!

So as we are looking forward (read dreading) another snow storm tonight and tomorrow, I've put my hopes and dreams of summer on hold to refashion a basic v-neck pullover. I saw this diy on Pinterest, hopped over to check out the tutorial and immediately was drawn in by Fall For DIY. Seriously cool jewelry DIYs as well as all kinds of other!

Ok, so I started with this blue cotton sweater (thrifted) that is more fitted, and as such I decided to put a zipper up each side, instead of just one. Here's what I started with:

First step, cut up the side seams of your can either unpick with your seam ripper, or cut out the seam and sew up the edges so you don't have fraying. Then, pin your zipper(s) in place and sew with your matching thread. I'm not going to break down how to insert a zipper only because I have my own learning to do in that arena and you are better off following a helpful tutorial made available by a more experienced seamstress/sewist. :)  Fold over the extra bits and make sure to sew them down as well, trimming any excess. Then, test out that zipper (or those, if you do both sides).

Finally, try it on and see how you like it. I got a little bit of wave with the zipper under each arm, but it's not enough for me to be too worried about it. I like that it can be layered over something a little more interesting (whether it be print or color, I'm thinking neon!) and it's still warm and cozy. I layered mine over a bicycle print tank top and dark skinnies:

This is a pretty quick project once you've got everything pinned in place, and it can really change up a fairly boring sweater. You can personalize this using zips with more contrast (again, neon would be AMAZING! Can you tell I'm keen on neon?) or match them up by using the same or a similar shade. I just happened to have two navy zips that I'd thrifted last year.

Here's one last look at the before and after:

Stay tuned for another sweater makeover for tomorrow! If we get all the snow we're supposed to, I won't be leaving the house for at least a couple of days :).



  1. I want to do a zipper in a garment refashion at some point. I am thinking an exposed zipper. Thanks for the inspiration all I need now is to find some time and motivation. We are experiencing heat waves in Australia so it's a bit hard to find the energy. However, I do not envy the snowed in scenario and would take the heat over the cold (and snow) anytime.

    I love your refashions and blog.

    Karen from Facebook group Bowerbirds Journal

    1. Thanks, Karen, and I'd love to see it once you get to it :) I think even those that are into winter sports have to be done with all of this by now ;) I know I am! I always appreciate your comments and support.

  2. This looks ace! I love the jumper fabric as well. Stay warm! xxo

    1. Thanks you so much Francesca! And thanks for the inspiration in the first place :)