Saturday, February 22, 2014

February Thrift Scores

As I did at the end of January, I'll be sharing my thrift scores for the month of February...and I'll do so every month as long as I've done some thrifting (which is almost certain that I shall!). Sometimes I find things that I like 'as-is' and simply incorporate them into my wardrobe after a good wash. Other things run along the lines of sewing notions, tins/boxes for organizing said notions, jewelry, or other kitchen/household items. And then there are the items that anyone in their right mind would leave hanging on the rack ;). Those are often the BEST items to grab up as a refashioner, because the possibilities for rescuing and completely transforming such pieces is infinite! And its always fun to see the reactions on peoples' faces as they ring you up, watch you try things on, or drag another bag of 'ugly' clothes into the apartment (in my husband's case). Yay ugly clothes! I.just.LOVE.them. (And other refashioners will agree.)

*****Disclaimer...not all refashioned clothing starts out 'ugly'! Often, it is just no longer of use in its current state and therefore heads to the chopping block. Many times, these items have A LOT going for them and just need to be reworked.*****

Okay, let's get down to business. This haul actually includes a few things that I got at the end of January, after I'd already posted my score. So, not wanting to leave these things out, I'm showing you here what I found then as well. In this first set, I've got 2 yards of bright pink fabric (used in the fabric ABCs here), a looooong length of lace curtain/valance, a black and gold lace doily, another piece of lace trim, a small piece of pink floral fabric, 2 stretchy bands (used for wrapping injured joints but also can be used in sewing) and a rose seed bead ring and earrings from Spain.
$8.25 for all of the fabric/lace: 1/2 off=$4.13 (they threw the elastic bands for free). The jewelry was $9: 1/2 off=$4.50. 

Next, I found two pairs of pantyhose, brand new in the packages in navy and champagne, as well as a necklace and simple silver bangle.
Pantyhose $2 apiece: 1/2 off=$2 total. The necklace was $6 and the bangle was $1: 1/2 off=$3.50.

I also came across a wooden box and an oval-shaped tin with lid and handles for storage. Inside you see I scored 9 rolls of metallic thread (3 different colors I can thread in with my yarns as I knit), mini star cookie cutters and wire baskets. Then I found a bag of buttons and a couple more pants/skirts hangers.
The box was $4, tin $2, thread $1/apiece, wire baskets $2, cookie cutters $1: 1/2 off=$9. The buttons were $1 and the hangers $.25/apiece: 1/2 off=$.75

Now on to the clothes! This plum sweater is actually the exact copy of one I found here a few months back only a different color and size. Love the other one so much, that I had to snatch this one up :). It will stay 'as-is'. And then I found an old grandpa sweater...yeah...its wool and the tags are all in Japanese and I'm not sure what I'll do with it but for some reason, I had to have it. Weird! Ok, and the third piece is a brown shoulder-padded jacket a la 80' will be refashioned!!!
These were $4 each: 1/2 off=$6. 

And now some whites. I totally see myself refashioning all three of these pieces, though the first one, a silk crop wrap top could be worn as it is...not sure on that one. The middle white top has pretty detailing around the neck and sleeves and the last is a white t-shirt that will just be downsized to be more fitted.
These were $5 each: 1/2 off=$7.50. 

Next I saw this blush lace tank that I think will be so pretty over a nude/ivory/white cami. The middle is a shirt dress sans sash (easy fix) that I may or may not do something to with the sleeves. Otherwise, it fits perfectly and the blue pinstripe is just my style :). Then, the gray sweats are a definite refashion (most likely a copycat of something I saw not long ago!).
They were $4, $5, and $3 respectively: 1/2 off=$6 

 Okay. This next piece needs very little introduction. I mean, just look at these babies!!! Holy plaid pants that are several sizes too big! I think I can get a few refashions out of these and I'm excited because I like plaid in small doses and this is not at all a small dose. Some people can pull off the whole 'plaid thing', but I'm not sure that's me. So, I'm thinking dig?
At only $4, I would have bought these full price! But they were 1/2 off at $2 :-). AND I definitely got the 'looks' with these as I was checking out. LOL!

All told, this score cost me $45.38 (darn those $.25 items that don't divide in half evenly). I'm particularly excited about the clothes to be refashioned, OBVIOUSLY, because that is where my creativity is sparked. Oh, and the buttons! But, as I am in the midst of taking an inventory of my stash as well as organizing my space so that cleaning up is much easier to do, I'm also pretty stoked about the box, tin and wire baskets ;). Hopefully I'll be able to do a post on my space this next month after I get it all figured out! I'll be working on tips for organization and decoration when your creative space doubles as living space. And in the meantime, more refashions are in the works! Hope you stick around to see more...



  1. Thank you so much for detailing your score. I love how you present what you find but I am wondering where you keep it all. If you live in an apartment I am assuming you are limited for space. I am keen to find out where it all goes. It is great comparing prices and quality of stuff between countries. Love your blog +++ From Karen @ Bowerbirds Journal on Facebook

    1. Definitely limited on space, but I have a wardrobe, a closet and under-bed drawers where I keep my clothing. I also rotate out my summer and winter wear depending on the seasons. Several times a year I reassess my wardrobe and often give pieces away to my friends/family, remake them into something I'll continue to use or put them up for a season or two, then once I bring them back out its like having new clothes! I also donate some things, but this is rare. My husband tends to wear his clothes until they are falling apart or more recently, until he's lost enough weight that remaking them to fit would require massive overhauls. He passes things onto friends, me or I remake his items for our son. Most of my son's clothing is given to a friend my husband has in the city. They have an exchange agreement where we'll pass on clothes, shoes, toys, etc. and his friend (who works at a cafe) provides him with coffee, sandwiches, pastries from time to time :). Ha! Well, there's a long explanation of our process ;). Take care

    2. Thanks for your reply, you are very organised.

    3. :) Ha, it sounds organized, but there is still a pile in my 'sewing inbox' that exceeds the size of the box :( I'd like to find a small clothes rack where I can hang 'works in progress' in my sewing area...but then I want a dress form too, and there just isn't space for that!