Thursday, February 27, 2014

Update: Tartan Refashion

So, after wearing my new tartan skirt yesterday around the house, the fact that I'd need to insert a zipper became more and more apparent. The waist was moving around a bit on me and I eventually rolled it down, twice, so that it would stop! Basically I'd left it big enough to squeeze over my hips, but as the fabric doesn't have that much stretch, it definitely required some taking in and zipper action.

Here's how it looks now:
This zipper was salvaged from another skirt that I refashioned into a top, found here
Zippers are definitely one of the things I'm challenging myself to master this year (sooner rather than later). Unfortunately, my tendency is to just wing it instead of checking out the amazingly helpful tutorials that are out there. So, my topstitching is a little bit not straight ;) but, it lays flat and to me, it looks pretty good! Haha, perhaps my standards are too low?

And here it is on:
Can you tell I need a haircut?! Maybe I should ask my husband to do it ;) ("funny" story there (read: tragic at the time), but I'll save that for another day).

Wearing it with that same t-shirt I had on yesterday...which I may have worn to bed and may still have on now. But let's pretend that I threw it back on for continuity's sake, ok? Thanks!

Way better fit in the waist now, and fit really is everything as it makes me feel confident that I look good wearing it!

Now, as I am recovering from a lovely migraine, I will get back to just lying here useless on the couch while my son wreaks havoc on our apartment :).


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