Friday, February 28, 2014

Quick "Fix": Sweatpants

Ok, so I slipped a quick "fix" project in today even though my son and I spent most of the afternoon playing with Legos ;)

I'd seen Cotton & Curls' sweatpants refashion back in December and knew that I'd be doing this with a pair of sweats...but I didn't actually own a pair! Well, I found this pair at the end of January for $2 and could see they'd be just a tad big, so they'd be perfect for this refashion.

The previous owner had hemmed them up, and to get them to the length I wanted I just chopped them off above that hem.

Next, I put them on inside out, marked out how much to take in and then sewed up each outside leg. You can see here how much I took in. All that excess got the chop!

Then, I grabbed a couple of lengths of elastic that in a previous life were the straps that clip onto stockings from a garter belt. I gathered the outer sides of the legs, then pinned the elastic in place and sewed it down, stretching it as I went. I didn't even hem these as they roll under and I was just looking for a quick fix.

And here's how they turned out! Much cuter now for lounging around the apartment :)

Oh, and this is one of the Lego sets we were working on ;)