Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Giveaway Top

I had a giveaway over on my FB page last week when I reached 200 likes. If you didn't get to enter, don't worry, I'll have more to come! The lucky winner, Carey, chose to have me refashion a thrift find for her...she is a teacher and needed whatever I made to be appropriate for the classroom, easily paired with many things and layered under sweaters/cardis. Among other colors, she indicated that she liked pinks and on my foray to find the perfect piece I came across this beauty:
Love those buttons!

At half price I only paid $2.50 and it is a size 12. It was so similar to the green granny silk blouse that I recently refashioned and I envisioned a very similar outcome for this one, as well.

I started out by removing the shoulder pads, seam ripping the sleeves and cutting down the length by a couple of inches or so:
Can you tell I had a hard time capturing the color just right? Four different shades, all one top ;) (I've definitely got more learning to do...next lesson will be how to capture colors and darks)
Moving on...I then took the collar off with my seam ripper:

I didn't like the neckline as it was sans collar so I decided to give it a different shape. I slimmed down the sleeves and cut out my new neckline. After cutting off the extra, I overlocked the edges and to finish off the collar I simply folded over the finished edge and topstitched a tiny hem:

Upon reattaching the sleeves I also took the sides of the top in from the armpit and curved out to the hip leaving it loose but giving it shape. Again, cut off the excess and finished off all raw edges. And here's how it came out! 

I like the opened up neckline, the pin tucks are beautiful and the color really pops! It is simple and can be worn with jeans and flats, or dressed up for school with trousers, skirts, etc. Carey is a similar size to me (actually thinner) so it should fit her just fine :), which is why I am modeling the final product for you all to get an idea of how it looks.

She's already seen it, approved it heartily, and it is on its way to her in the mail! Hope you love this piece and are inspired to transform your own pieces to work better for you!

Here's one last look at the before and after:



  1. Very appropriate for a teacher! I love the colour and how it's turned out.

    1. Thanks Agy...I agree, very teacher appropriate...and hopefully great on the weekend with jeans, too ;) I always appreciate your comments!