Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bathing Suit Modifications (1-Piece to High-Waisted 2-Piece + a Halter Top)

Two modifications today :) First, let's review the original refashion of this black 1-piece that I did last year. I cut it just below the bust, finished off the raw edges with elastic and that was that.

However, the leg holes on these bottoms were a little snug and when you have a rear and hips that are not toned, a small leg band will cut into your skin (fat) quite uncomfortably (and IMO unflatteringly). So, I unpicked each leg band and found this rubber strip was overlapped by about an inch, meaning that if I only overlapped the ends by a smidge I'd be gaining almost two inches around each leg. Perfect! I zigzagged it to the leg opening and at the point of overlap my machine had a bit of trouble and I couldn't get a clean stitch. Oh well!

It didn't matter much as I then folded this in and zigzagged yet again all around the hole to get my finished edge.
Outside and Inside
My next step was to replace the thin elastic I'd originally placed at the waistband with this super wide elastic for better tummy control. I sewed it into a tube, then zigzagged it right sides together with the top of the waistband. By folding it inwards I now have a high-waisted pair of bathing suit bottoms with tummy control that are also super comfortable!
Finding so many uses for this elastic!

Here's how they came out. The leg openings are much more comfortable and don't create that 'double' butt by digging into my rear :).

The gratuitous before & after:

Next up is the halter top from yesterday's bathing suit refashion! Post refashion it was a halter with a gather in the center that I took out before taking this next 'before' shot.
A small preview of the mix&match potential of these two suits ;)

After wandering around Pinterest looking for the perfect neckline, I landed on something similar to yesterday's but halter style (obviously). I started by folding the front in half and cutting at an angle where it started towards the straps. I then unpicked the edges in each direction from each cut by 3-4 inches and resewed the edge to create a slight curve over each side of the bust. This also allowed the straps to set farther out on my sides (which was my goal).
Notice the difference in stitches? Yeah, shoulda checked that before I sewed each new section...:-/
I sewed the bra that didn't work yesterday into this top using a straight stitch along the top edge and tacked it in place along the bottom. I also made a small gather in the center top by pinching and tacking a few stitches.

And that's that! The reshaping and the insertion of the soft foam cup bra were exactly what this top needed and yet again, I feel like I have another great option that flatters and gives me confidence.

Again, one last before & after shot!

Neither of these fixes were overly involved but I feel the results are quite dramatic...especially in how I feel post refashions in each piece! Hope these give you some more ideas on how you can manipulate clothing/bathing suits to work for you!



  1. The results are amazing!!! I LOVE the retro-ness of it. You look beautiful!!!

    I have to admit I'm jealous of that super wide elastic. That stuff is amazing!

    1. Aww, thank you! I told you there'd be some of that vintage vibe ;) I'm thinking I may need to include a length of that elastic in a giveaway at some point as I have so much left!!! It is proving quite useful, however, and has provided tummy control in a black knit pencil skirt I made, as well :o)

  2. Andrea I have worn an old bra under a swim top but never actually incorporated it into the swim suit. This refashion is amazing and I am inspired not to do it but just inspired by you and your refashioning journey. Good on you for modelling in a bikini, why not you look lovely and toned. I know and you know how much work goes into presenting your refashions to your followers. I am very grateful because I get to learn something from your posts and share with you.

    Twitter @RudeRecord

    1. Thanks Karen, I appreciate the encouragement!

  3. What a difference you made with a small change! Very flattering!

    As you have bared your soul, let me do the same. I was always small busted ... until I put on a lot of weight over the years. My bust is bigger now, but it's at the expense of the rest of me, in looks and in health. I am on a weight-loss journey now, and finding it difficult, but I'll be GLAD to get back to a small bust because it will mean I'm back to a healthy weight. And I'll have your tips to keep in mind for necklines and bustlines. Thank you for being so open.

    1. Wow, Jenny_o, thank you for being vulnerable and sharing :) I appreciate that so much and hope to encourage you to keep on pushing through on your weight loss journey!!! I know that it can be hard, even with trying to recover from a 45 pound weight gain with pregnancy five years ago (just now reached my goal weight) keep it up! It will be worth it for the sake of your health as well as your confidence! Go Jenny Go!

    2. Thank you, Andrea - I had about 55 to lose, and I've lost 9 ... I feel like the little engine that could - I think I can, I think I can ...! I find stories like yours to be the inspiration I've needed. Slow and steady WILL win the race.

    3. Great job on the 9 pounds!!! I've found that changing what I eat to whole foods only has been the most effective in visible results...working out is necessary and good, but that diet change allowed me to see the results of my workouts ;) I love how I feel after a good workout and after several days of eating well (still have days when I eat crap and feel like crap as a result). Its hard, but the longer I go with real food the more quickly I feel sick when I eat something that I shouldn't...makes it a little easier to resist the urge the next time. It's definitely a process!

    4. This week (after Easter and all its temptations) I've been thinking a lot about what you wrote. I was eating well before that and I've succumbed to the junk over the past seven days, and I feel so awful, physically. It will be hard for the next week or so, but in the past I've found I do okay after that week has passed. You are so right; it's a process, not an instant change :)

    5. It is so hard to avoid eating poorly at holidays!!! So hard :( Not impossible, but then who wants to constantly say no? Yeah, I hear ya and am recovering from it as well ;) Keep it up!

  4. So on the leg hole adjustments... Did you completely take out the leg hole stitches completely around the whole leg or just right where the elastic overlapped? Going to attempt this this week and want to make sure I do it right... Thanks so much!

    1. Sorry I didn't see your comment!!! I ended up undoing the stitches all the way around...the elastic was overlapped by an inch, so I simply brought it to where the ends just met when I resewed it back in place. Hope that helps!!!