Friday, April 11, 2014

Healthfulness: The Workout Wardrobe "Thrift Scores"

Part of me gearing up for a consistent year of exercise is having/finding workout wear that suits each season...even winter when the pathways are clear enough to run :/. I like to have a specific wardrobe for workouts only. My thought process is that if I invest (albeit a small amount) in gear specific for exercise, I must then exercise! It is kind of like guilt-tripping myself ;). So, today, I'll be sharing my thrifted workout wear! And, here again, I've been pretty lucky as it seems someone donating to my local thrift store is exactly my size and has very good taste in clothing.

This first pair of leggings are heat/dry technology (specific fabric to help release the sweat instead of soaking it in like cottons, for example, and retaining body heat) and perfect for winter or slightly cooler weather. I found them for $4 and wore them yesterday on my run and floor workout. Really comfy and I appreciate the reflective fabric at the zips as some fall/winter mornings are still darkish when I go out to run.
Post workout hair ;) Gotta love it! The top is from Marshall's and bought a year ago ($10-$12).

I tend to like my gear quite fitted as I want to meet as little wind resistance as possible when running, so this thrifted top is an activewear XXL shirt that I sized down to fit. I absolutely love to wear bright colors while running, because I often run on the street (we have wide margins to each side for parking/biking/running). This way I stand out to motorists.
Capri leggings are from Marshalls ($8-$10).

This next type of top is great for summertime when it's incredibly hot, even in the mornings. I found it for $2 and it has a built in shelf bra, though I still wear a sports bra as well. I'd love to find a couple more of these for the summer months, so I'll be keeping an eye out at my thrift store. The shorts are the only pair of running shorts I own. I've worn them a couple of times, but I'm not a huge fan of showing so much of my thighs (self-conscious not modest). They were found last year and I probably paid $2-$3.

Another recent find was this pair of UnderArmour black yoga pants. They are also made with the active-dry material, and are so comfortable. I'm not huge on the flare, however, and the brand is marked not only on the hip but the outer seam of the right leg. So, I'll probably take them in to be fitted leggings and do away with some of the branding ;). I paid $2.50 on half off day for these. The Adidas jacket is something I found last year. I love that its black but also has those bright stripes and zipper so that I can wear it on my walks in the colder months. I have worn this running as well, but to be honest, once your body warms up, this can be a bit too heavy.  I paid $5.

It helps, I think, to find workout gear that you like and are comfortable in to help spur you into motion a bit more least, it helps me :). Hope you all have as much luck finding the pieces that fit your workout style!

I've got a couple more finds to post this weekend, but they'll be refashions, so keep an eye out!



  1. It certainly does help to have good workout gear! If you feel like you look funny when you're working out, you're more conscious of the people watching you. At least, that's been my experience. The two most important things for me (and ones I don't buy at thrift stores) are good bra and good shoes. Beyond that, though, I almost exclusively buy my stuff at thrift stores and get great deals like the ones you've listed above.

    1. Exactly the same here, Terra, new bras and new shoes...those are things that 1. can rarely be found in great condition at a thrift store and 2. you're better off buying new anyway so that you get just the right fit, support, etc! I find that I feel better working out when I feel I look good in my gear :) It helps to break down one more of the things that can keep you from exercising...insecurities, sheesh!

  2. Awesome prices!! As always I love reading about the story related to the garments you score.

  3. Thanks Karen for coming by! Finally got 7-10 days worth of gear so I don't have to do laundry midweek ;)

  4. I am really impressed with these beautiful fitness apparels. The color of your top is really nice. I have a pair of mesh work out leggings in this color and they are my all time favorite. I usually pair them up with my white polka dot printed tank top for the running sessions.