Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thrifted OOTD: Going Green

I've been down with a stomach bug since my shoe refashion and am on the mend today, breathing fresh air and eating lots of chicken soup and crackers :). Perfect day for an outfit post, since I just don't have the energy for a new refashion.

The secondary brick on our building is gorgeous, I think. And it provides a great backdrop for photos! You'll see the front of the building in a later pic and its just not as appealing as the sides and back where all of these lovely rusty brown shades come together. Without further ado, here is my outfit of the day...

Awkward pic of me trying to get a shot of my braid & bun (good thing I cleaned my ears!) doing my hair
like this and there are lots of variations to try!

I went with a thrifted pair of Gap jeans that fit like a boyfriend jean, I guess, and have patches that I sewed in using gray thread and straight stitching back and forth in a random crisscross pattern. They aren't very visible at any distance, so I may use different blue shades to make them stand out a bit more. Why not make a repair a feature? I paid $5 max. My top is a refashion from a couple of months back: the green granny silk. Not sure what I paid for the original blouse, though my local thrift normally marks silk tops at $4 or $5...just depends on if I grabbed it during a half-off sale. My earrings are actually a gift from my sister in law and are sterling silver with a smooth mint/aqua stone and I love them...they are just my style. The shoes are also thrifted! duh ;) and cost me $4. I found them at a thrift store in MI when I was home visiting a couple of years ago (love thrifting with my sis whenever I get a chance to go home!).

There you have it! This is what I wore today out to the store to buy my chicken soup and crackers, then later to the library with my son once I'd regained a bit of strength, and as I write this cuddled up on the couch eating my toast with almond butter. Easy, comfy, and still pretty darn stylish!



  1. Stomach bugs are bleah ... glad you are feeling better.

    Have you done, or would you consider doing, hair styling tutorial(s)?

    1. It's definitely something I want to do this summer, jenny_o...I love trying out new ways to keep my hair out of my face ;) without having to chop it all off. Thanks for letting me know what you'd like to see! I can always use new ideas and suggestions on what readers want to see.

    2. Oh, yes, don't chop it! I used to have long hair, and made the mistake of cutting it very short at one point. It's thick and fine and in the summer was, strangely, hotter than when it was long and I could pull it back :) Now I have some grey in there, have grown it out chin-length, and would go longer if I knew some ways to style it nicely. It looks like you have quite thick hair so that's why I asked - thank you so much for considering some tutorials!

    3. Won't be cutting it anytime soon ;) My hair is also thick and fine with a few grays (I refuse to color it as I love the color of my hair and refuse to deal with the maintenance that coloring requires). I've got a Pinterest board of hair ideas to try out for myself and have seen some really cute ones for shoulder length hair. I'll do some practicing and schedule a week all about hair DIYs and even some refashioned/thrifted hair accessories :). I'm thinking sometime in May...