Saturday, April 12, 2014

Healthfulness: Workout Wear "Quick Fixes"

So, for the past couple of days I've focused on 'healthfulness', and in particular, working out. Thursday, I shared a bit about my struggles to stay motivated in this post. Yesterday, I posted some great thrifted workout wear finds that are perfect as they are. If I feel good in my workout wear then that's one less barrier between me and keeping at it. So, to follow that train of thought, I'm taking some great thrifted finds and making them 'feel good' to me.

These refashions really are some of the easiest to accomplish, I think. Similar to taking a pair of bootcut or flare jeans and making them skinny, I 'skinnified' these workout leggings that I found at the thrift store.

This first pair is so cute with the patterned band and the fabric is incredibly comfortable and a great thickness. I paid $4 and will be getting TONS of wear out of these.
My t-shirt just so happened to match perfectly ;) 

But, as I'll be wearing these running, I have an issue with the leg shape. I don't like extra fabric flapping around or the hems brushing together...nitpicky, I know, but that's what's so great about being able to personalize your clothing to your exact 'needs'. ;) I simply laid them out, put another pair that I already own and love the fit for on top. They'll serve as my guide on how much to take off. I ended up taking these in from the inner seams and used a tiny diagonal zigzag stitch that allows a bit of stretch but is super strong as well. Much better!

This next pair is just plain black with a drawstring at the waist and the Everlast logo at the bottom of the left hem. I paid $3 and again, will get so much wear out of these in the next few years.

I repeated the same process, but this time took them in on the outside leg seams. Now they are fitted and I was able to completely eliminate the logo on the leg. Score!

Now, I'd planned to leave it at that, but then I popped in the thrift store for hangers this morning and came across another activewear top.

It's cute and fits and was only $3, so I brought it home. However, I'm not loving the sleeves...they look fine but they feel a little weird, and if they feel weird now they'll feel weird running. So, I chopped them off cutting as close to the seams and neckband as possible, then removed the hem of the short sleeves and cut them each in two pieces.

These, I pinned to my top creating a total of three thin straps to see how I'd like it. It's good! And it takes care of the little gap that was happening after removing the sleeves.

Next step was to sew the straps on, and I did so using white thread to match and a ladder stitch. Last step was to trim off the extra bits nice and close to the stitching.

And there you have it! Short sleeves gone, and now a strappy tank top for running and other workouts :).

I love the refashions that I do on the fly that come out so well :). The only bit of advice I'd add with refashioning activewear is that if it's fitted, then you'll need to sew with stretch stitches so that the clothing moves well with you. Reinforcing seams with decorative stitching is also helpful, again, as long as it allows for stretch. Now that I'm all geared up, I'm biking to the park where I'll watch my husband and son play then go for a run before heading home for supper! Hope you're having a lovely weekend...the weather here is incredible!



  1. How cute is that refashion on your T-Shirt?! That's the sort of top that makes you want to exercise so that you can look that cool! xx

    1. Thanks! I agree :) BTW, pulled out a pattern and am gonna attempt to sew from it to make myself a top! It'll be my second time ever and I'm hoping it turns's to diving into your world a bit ;)

  2. The red top transformation is my favourite. Hadn't thought of making straps like that!

    1. I hadn't either, Agy, until I took off the sleeves and tried on the top...then it just hit me to try it! Love when that happens ;) Thanks for coming by and for taking the time to comment :)

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