Thursday, April 10, 2014

Healthfulness: Motivation...or the lack thereof

So, remember when I said I'd be sharing some of my wellness journey (physical, mental, emotional, etc.) here with everyone? One part of that was my goal to get back to running after the, erhm, 'lovely' winter we enjoyed here in the states. If there's one thing I lack motivation for more than running, its running in cold, nasty weather. So yeah, I basically had stopped for four months: December, January, February and March (I had a handful of walks/runs that I did on random nicer days during that period). And I cannot stand exercising at home...there's no space unless I clear a space which requires arranging furniture, seeing the mess under the furniture, vacuuming up the mess, which leads me to vacuum the entire room, then the next and the next because they all flow together, right? (I'm an endless fount of excuses...) By the time I get to starting a workout, I feel like I've worked out and don't want to. Yeah, I suck at having motivation. I also refuse to (read, can't afford to and despise it anyway) workout at a gym...not my thing. Unless I can get my rear in gear I don't get exercise AT ALL for a third of the year.

Not. good.
Running in fall is lovely...until it gets too cold ;)

I finally got out for my first run of spring and could only go a mile. I then slowly walked back home, chatted with my husband as he had his coffee and then made us a late breakfast. I felt a bit discouraged, however, that I only made it a mile and didn't try to push myself a bit farther. I'd been in a bit of a funk after coming down sick last week, so this run was my attempt at doing away with said funk and getting myself straightened out. Though it didn't feel like it right away, it actually worked. I ended up with a much brighter mood, had a good day enjoying some alone time with my husband and spent the afternoon at the library with my son. I fell asleep an hour earlier than normal, had a great night's rest and then had another great day, with lots of energy and only a little muscle soreness in my hips and legs. You see, I know that exercise gives me more energy, boosts my mood, helps me sleep better, etc. but even knowing all of that it is still so hard to get back on track.
Love those running shoes!

I think what keeps getting me is that I compare my physical fitness now to what it was in college and the years following. Though I've never been a long-distance runner, 3-5 miles was pretty comfortable, and now my average is 2. I did however, love to bike, and would ride 15 miles a day without feeling it afterwards...I miss biking like that, I miss feeling that strong. So, how do I turn that into positive motivation towards fitness post-baby (by 5 years now)? Any suggestions from you all? Do you struggle with being fit (I'm not talking about being skinny or looking like a magazine cover, but healthfulness)? I'd like to find what can get me on track and keep me there...
Looking for some motivation...

Here's to getting back on track...



  1. Lol.. because my motivation was seeing you on IG looking so fit!! Keep it up!!

    1. Thanks dear, I'm gonna try :) BTW, your comment on my pic gave me more motivation!!! :-O So, thanks!

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