Saturday, April 26, 2014

Thrift Scores: April Edition

Time to spill on all of my thrift scores this month! I'd been stalking this set all month, just waiting for the half-off sale...and I got it! It's silk ;) and the blouse buttons down the back (looks so cute with just the top button done up and a bandeau-style bra underneath). The skirt fits ok on my waist, has pockets, but definitely needs to be shorter. Refashion and styling posts to come on this :).
$7 for the set!
These next two pieces were also half off. I'll use the top for it's lace and the jeans will go skinny and a bit shorter.
$4.50 for the two.
This vintage dress was my favorite find this month and I'm still wrestling with what to do...keep it and refashion it or sell it. It's so unique and made in Hawaii. What to do?!?!

I grabbed this housecoat for the embroidery and the color and is absolutely in line for a refashion...we'll see which direction I take this one!
This vintage pinafore style piece is about a size large/extra-large and I bought it for it's fabric alone...can't you see this as little girls' sundresses? Reminds me of clothes I had when I was little :).
Another vintage dress and this time a floral housedress. I like this fabric and plan a refashion at some point, though it may wait for the fall ;). And the men's shirt will become a skirt...maybe another reversible skirt!
This top was bought at the same time as the tops for the reversible mini. I've got a couple of ideas on how I want to rework it...but that'll have to wait for later. This sequined piece is just the front of a top that someone either removed or made but then never I get to finish it off! I'm thinking some sheer fabric will go great with this for a nice date-night piece :). Love the ombre effect!
Now for some crafting 'supplies'! I snatched up these purse handle things and some doilies...
a small woven mat and more doilies! The jewelry is just my style and I've already been wearing these pieces often.
$7...they doilies they threw in free!

All told I spent $39.25 on this (not counting the shirts for the reversible mini). Plus I had a pretty lucky find yesterday that I posted about on FB and Instagram

Not a bad month ;) I also did one of my semi-annual purges and donated three large bags of clothing, shoes, and household items. Did you have any great thrift/tip/op shop scores this month? I'd love to see/hear about what you scored and what you plan to do with it :)



  1. As always Andrea I love this section of your blog. That green dress made in Hawaii is gorgeous. I would wear it but shorten. It's beautiful and a very flattering style.

    As you know I source my resources from point of landfill (the stuff that thrift stores dump or is not good enough to donate is what I sort through) I do this 3 or 4 times per week and at the moment not much is forthcoming. I also really don't want too much either because how many clothes can I wear and store,right.

    I was busy just recently promoting Fashion Revloution Day and that has kept me busy. I am still continuing on with my campaign albeit not as full on.

    Well I look forwards to seeing what you do with your thrift score.

    Take Care, Karen
    Twitter on @RudeRecord

    1. I know what you mean about the dress...I would either make it a maxi skirt of shorten it and take in the sides...decisions decisions ;) I'd love to find out if there are any tip shops that I could visit one day...we'd have to have access to a vehicle at that time, so that may be some time in the future :) Thanks for sharing an update! I feel I've been a bit out of things as I've spent the past week stuck at home with a sick little boy :( And now it continues with an ear infection! I've got lots of sewing to keep me busy, though, so keep an eye out for some of the transformations...

  2. You definitely have lots of potential there. I used to think I was weird for buying clothes for the fabric in them; since finding the refashion world online I feel much better about that :)

    1. Haha, we all may be a bit weird, but you'll fit in just fine ;) Can't wait to dive into these pieces :)

  3. Nice! That Hawaiian dress is gorgeous. Can't wait to see what you do with all these finds!

    1. I've already finished the white boot cuts to skinnies and the striped shirt to comfy skirt ;) But those were the easy ones...I'll take my time with the rest :)

  4. You are so lucky to find such awesome pieces! I can't wait to sew what you do with the strawberry sundress, that pattern is just too cute xx

    1. I was just looking at that sundress yesterday...I think I know what I'm making, but that's never set in stone until I'm done!

  5. I LOVE the floral shirt.. AWESOME find.. I think you should keep the dress that was made in Hawaii.. I love prints like that... love LOVE LOVE the strawberry dress..

    1. Thanks Charlotte! I agree, that was a pretty lucky haul :)