Friday, May 2, 2014

#MMMay14: Day 2

Today was all about laundry, dishes, and least the first half. But I tackled all of it this morning so that my son and I could go out and enjoy the afternoon. Here's a snap he took of the me-made outfit I am wearing today.

My first refashion of 2014, this Anthro-inspired top, paired with 'skinnified' gray pants (super comfy) and some coral colored flats from UO. The top and pants were thrifted. I accessorized with my son's backpack and water bottle... ;). Why didn't I actually accessorize? I think I've gotten out of the habit as I don't wear much jewelry during the winter. Time to break out the collection and start playing with some pieces to go with my me-made outfits!

Hope I get to do some sewing this weekend, and then share some new creations with you!



  1. Comfortable AND smart! Sure beats the track suits that were de rigueur when I was a young mom :)

    1. Thanks, Jenny! I avoid track suits like the plague ;) I was very 'sporty' in college and then discovered my girly side and now have decided that athletic wear and pajamas are meant for working out and sleeping...respectively. Or, days spent at home :) I feel way better if I get dressed in 'real' clothes before going out!