Wednesday, May 7, 2014

#MMMay14: Day 7

Just a quick post today as I'm trying to catch up on a mountain of cleaning and errands. I struggled a little bit with what to wear today because I just wanted to stay in my pajamas all day. I've been exhausted this week! So, I came up with something that is as comfy as wearing pjs.
Think I should pick up my pattern pieces yet and put them away? ;)

I refashioned this silk top two years was a thrift store XXL dark green long sleeved top. It's a bit sheer, which I don't mind. I was even able to dig up a before shot, though I apologize in advance for the poor quality.

Essentially, all I did was rip off the sleeves, finish off the edges and take in the sides a bit. I left it with a flowy fit as I like to tuck, blouse, etc.

I paired it with a long black maxi skirt and some thrifted jewelry. Easy peasy :).  Hopefully, tomorrow I'll be feeling a bit more inspired and energetic...though the forecast calls for rain. Meh. Here's to getting all of my cleaning/errands done today so that I can sew all day tomorrow!



  1. Is a maxi skirt actually comfortable to wear? I haven't had one in years and years. In fact, since they were in the last time :) But it was made of cotton. Maybe today's fabrics would be more cozy and have more give.

    Your outfit has a very calm feeling to it. That probably sounds weird. I'm not sure how to explain it! But I like it.

  2. This is made of jersey knit which is just so easy and comfy...I'd say at least try some maxi skirts on, there are tons of styles and shapes and fabrics, but the stretchy ones are the most pajama like (IMO). It doesn't sound weird at all! I totally get what you mean about the calm feeling...a bit zen in its simplicity :) Thanks for commenting!